My thoughts on Amazing Spider-Man issue 700

The final issue of ASM came out earlier this week and they killed off Peter Parker…. In a way.
Earlier in issues, Parker and Doc Ock done a Freaky Friday and they ended up in each others’ bodies. Eventually Parker died in Doc’s old, fragile body, while Doc Ock lives on as Spider-Man. Doc also promises Parker that he will not be a villain, but a hero. He will be a better Spider-Man than Peter Parker ever were. He will be the Superior Spider-Man! New series coming this January!

What the fuck! Why is marvel doing this? 50 years of Peter Parker ended like this? Happy birthday Stan Lee?

It is hard to believe that Doc Ock is going to be a superhero now after decades of being a villain. It is especially gross to think that every time Mary Jane kisses Peter Parker, she is actually kissing a middle age, bowl cut old man. And let’s not forget that he used to have feelings for Aunt May, the nasty kind. This just takes the whole Floydian thingy to a brand new level. Good job, Marvel!

(A new comic series features the love triangle between “Peter Parker”, Mary Jane and…… Aunt May???)

One thing I got to admit though, it does get my interest to read the Superior Spider-Man title that’s coming out in January. At the same time, it is disappointed to know that a character we’re familiar with its not the same character at all. Peter Parker is a warmhearted wiseass who cracks jokes during battles. Doc Ock is an arrogant motherfucker who takes things way up his ass. And the future generations are not going to know Spider-Man as the friendly neighborhood dude, but an asshole who quotes cheesy villain-like lines. I understand Marvel’s idea of changing things up to attract new readers, but they can just easy kill off Peter Parker, and replace him with a brand new spidey power character. Or did Ultimate Comics took that idea already?

Anyway, that’s my rant on the final issue of ASM. Please let me know your thoughts at the comment below. Bye!




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