Comics Reviews 1-02-2013

Batman Incorporated issue #6
At first I was making fun of the whole notion of Batman Incorporated. It just sounds so stupid the idea that Batman as a brand, and there should be a Batman in every nations. How wrong was I and how foolish I feel. Batman Incorporated is one of the best things that comes out of the New 52, and I’m proud to say that it is one of my favorite series.
Once again, Grant Morrison delivers a story that put our favorite detective into unique situations. From having him shaving on his way to crime scene, to him unable to save the kidnapped victims, these are all wonderful situations that remind us why Batman needs to gather all the helps- because he is only human.
The fate of Batman’s officers is nerve wrecking. I really grew to like them from the past issues. Also for the first time I got confirm that the two girls in the team are Halo and Looker- or am I the only one that need confirmation?
My favorite part in this issue has to be how much Knight and Squire care about each other. They’re definitely better dynamic than Batman/Robin.
Oh, and it’s pretty clear now that Damian is not going to be around long. He’s the death is “Death of a Family”?
My Score: 9 Knight-and-Square-sitting-on-a-tree-K-I-S-S-I-N-G/10

All-New X-Men issue #5
What can I say? I was only reading DC titles until this wonderful series. After I read the first issue few months ago, I can’t help but put it to my top reading list. Bendis really knows how to pace his stories, and it works out great with Immonen’s art.
The story takes place in Beast’s mind where young Jean Grey has conversations with him. The scene is a touching one and shows how much Beast misses Jean Grey. A friend who misses his old friend. Also, old school X-Men fans should feel reminisced when they see the entire Jean Grey history rushing through young Jean Grey’s mind. It’s obvious that this is going to have effects on Jean Grey, but what kind is still remind to be seen.
A thing that bugs me is how young Hank McCoy finds the bug in the system right away, but Beast can’t find it at all. But heck, maybe you really just need another person’s point of view to see things you can’t see.
By the way, what’s up with Beast’s mutation? It would be nice to have an explanation about it. Or was it just Immonen’s art being different?
Oh, and Kitty as Professor K? That’s just awesome.
My Score: 9 time-travel-X-Men/10

Batman: The Dark Knight issue #15
Jesus, that was a long story. What was it, like 6 issues? That’s over half a year. Man, was that a boring story or what?
When the new 52 first started, I was excited to read new introductions of Batman’s classic rogues gallery. But as time proven, I don’t like the new takes on these villains anymore. Black Mask does mind control, Mr.Freeze isn’t marry to Nora, but only thinks he does…etc. How are these changes suppose to make things better? Scarecrow’s daddy issue might be a good touch, but it’s a topic that been used upon too much. It’s hard to care about it anymore.
The story in this particular issue is stale and dragged on. Batman realizes that he’s the antidote and drains his blood to save the whole city is different, but ridiculous. There’s no way he can be saved at all after used up THAT much blood.
However, Scarecrow mind state when he sees the young girl points his hiding place to the police is good. I really feel sorry for him. The feeling soon disappeared when his fear gas goes of in his cell and he’s stuck in his own nightmare. While its a fun irony, it’s an obvious one that anyone can see it coming for miles.
My Score: 4 sad-Scarecrows/10

The Flash issue #15
Not a lot happened in this issue. Patty drags Barry out of the battlefield, we see what the Rogues are up to but not a lot. Barry lies in bed trying to recover. He taps into the Speed Force and sees the outcome of different possible choices. He fears for the future. THAT’S IT.
It is proven that while Batman’s rogues gallery is becoming stale, Flash’s is becoming more and more interesting. The Annual issues that came out few months ago puts the Rogues into a brand new perspective and instantly makes them more interesting than The Flash. Only if this issue has more story focuses on the rogues, then it might actually be worthy. But heck, the series is called “The Flash” not “The Rogues”
Since the relaunch of DC universe, I can’t help it but feel that Barry Allen is not going to last long. It seems like that Barry is just here long enough to make sacrifices and somehow Wally West will be brought back. Oh, pardon me, or should I say “Daniel West.”
What the hell, DC!
My Score: 4 bring-back-Wally-West/10

Justice League Dark issue #15
Yep, this is what all comic books should be about. Unlike Japanese manga, we only get to read American comics one issue a month. So ever month when I waited, and waited, I want to see big advancement in the story I’m reading. Otherwise it’s just a big middle-finger to my face. justice League Dark is perfect like this. Every months when I read the story, something big happens and there’s never a moment when I feel “heck, nothing happened this month.”
(In Japan most manga release their stories once every week, but there’re usually not colored so I guess it’s only fair)
Zatanna and Time “Harry Potter?” Hunter are interesting duo. While one is supposed to be savior who’s to afraid to use his power, Zatanna is losing control with hers. Not in a sense that she can’t use it, but in a sense that she can’t stop using it. She feels a great power through her body, and she wants to use it like a maniac. It shows a side of Zatanna that one hasn’t seen before. And I like it, Zatanna is hot.
The final new pages really make me wonder where our heroes end up at. It seems like they all lost control of the power somehow, but it doesn’t make sense. Xanadu and Orchid become old and monster, okay that’s obvious, but Constantine can’t lie anymore and Deadman is alive? That’s cool to see, but it’s just kind of hard to explained- still cool to see though, just hard to explain.
I also wonder if there’s anything going to happen to Frankenstein.
My Score: 9.5 sexy Zatannas/10

Lot 13 issue #3
I was really looking forward to this series when it first announced. First issue is fine, second issue became bad when thy made the wife an unreasonably hysterical bitch. This issue isn’t any better. The story becomes too confusing, and it’s not the good kind of confusing like “Inception,” but the kind like “Vanilla Sky.”
As of now, I don’t care about any of the family members. The evil spirits can kill them all and I won’t give a flying fuck. In fact, the only character I care is the half-face ghost that lost his boy. He is a more interesting character than any of the human characters.
The ending is kind of shocking though, so I might pick up again next month. Only two more issues to go anyway.
My Score:5 evil spirits/10

Superman issue #15
I’m just going to say it. I don’t like this “Superman” title. Too many words, story is too slow, I don’t like the art…etc. There are shit load of reasons, but I still buy the issues. Why? Cause it’s Superman. And I’m glad I done so, because this issue finally picks up.
Superman and Superboy’s conversations are fun too watch. You can see that Superman tries his best to show support to Superboy, while Superboy tries his best to keep up with Superman like a baby brother with older brother. It a dynamic I enjoy to watch. I especially love it when Superboy brings up his fellow Teen Titans and Superman disapproves a bunch of teenagers hang out together without any adult supervision. Are the Teen Titans going to get an upgrade? Both titles are written by Scott Lobdell, so maybe another cross-over in planning?
The re-introduction of Lex Luther is one i don’t care about. Luther acts like an old stalking lover meeting his lover is way too familiar like the one between Batman/Joker. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my memory of Lex Luther is always angry at Superman, but not the creepiness like Joker. Also, what happened to Luther’s face? What did Superman do?
The appearance of Justice League member is cool. Makes me wonder why Aquaman didn’t show up- something to do with the “Throne of Atlantis” event?
At the end I wonder if I like this book better because the appearance of other Justice League members or it really was a better story?
My Score: 6.5 creepy-Lex-Luther/10


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