Comics Reviews 1-09-2013

I review comic books every week!  This week I review comics from DC, Marvel and Image.  In alphabetical order:

Action Comics issue #16

Grant Morrison’s entire run on Action Comics is about to come to an end, and you can really see it in this issue.  Ever since the beginning, Morrison introduces us many concepts to the new world of New 52, and everything plays off now.  But at the same time, the whole story can be really confusing.

Morrison introduces us The Legion of Super Heroes in the back issues, and they play an important role in this final show down.  He also introduces Krypto, the awesome dog, and that really pays off in this issue as well.  Last but not least, Morrison reintroduces the concept of mutliverse, and it comes back to hunt down Superman.  All of this are really awesome.
However, despite all the awesomeness, the story is really confusing.  While I understand who The Little Man is now, I’m still not really sure how Superman plays a role in all these.  One good thing about these issues is that Morrison plans the all  the books out really well.  So when his run on Action Comics is over, I can feel free and read back the entire run, and it will feel like a big, complete book.
The back up in this issue is very good.  It gives us a wonderful little tale about The Legion Of Super Heroes.  The art is superb, that gives people feeling of reading old schooled comic, and in a good way.
Let’s not forget this issue confirms the death of Superman in the hands of Doomsday years before the start of New 52.  Let’s hope this carries on and not forgotten by the people of DC.  But also not forget Morrison tends to write his story in his own continuity sometimes.
One issue left on Morrison run, can’t wait for the epic conclusion!
7 Superman-Doomsday-showdown/10

Avengers Arena issue #3

Yesterday was the first time I pick up this series, and I got to say, I love it!  I know that this series is just a rip off of famous teenagers killing each other series on a deserted island include: Battle Royale, The Lord of the Flies, and Hunger Games, which are also the parody covers of the first 3 issues.  But it doesn’t matter to me, because the series is just awesome.

I know there’re a lot of criticisms on the narrations of this series, saying that it is too similar to LOST, or too similar to the novel version of Battle Royale… etc.  But let me ask you one thing, how else are they going to introduce the characters to us, and allow us to grow to like them?  The thing about this kind of story is not always about teens killing each others, but the characters as well.  If we don’t know, or don’t like the characters, we don’t feel the impact when they are killed.  So the best way to do this is to introduce the characters with their back stories let us to learn who they are.
The problem with this kind of narration though is that it slows down the story.  A lot.  Especially with American comics and their monthly status, it is going to take forever before we get to the juicy parts of the story.  And if the story reaches a character the readers don’t care about, the story is going to suck.  While the character it features this week has an interesting past, I just don’t care about her at all.  Thus, it slows down the entire issue and it becomes a weak point.  I notices that next month the series is going to twice a month.  Hopefully that’s going to speed up the story a bit.
7 flahbacks/10
Detective Comics issue #16

Yeah, this issue doesn’t really have anything to do with Joker, mind you.  However, this is still a very powerful issue.  Maybe one of the most powerful issue Detective Comics ever has.

The issues shows the effect Joker has to Gotham City upon his returns.  The new gang the League of Smiles offers interesting, and mess up members that makes the entire readings more compelling and it really hooks me in.
Jason Fabok does wonderful art work for this issue.  It allows many details to be shown without sacrificing any of the emotions.  It really is one of the best art in the entire run of Detective Comics since the New 52.
The back-up story is really handy as well.  It details the new villain Emperor Penguin and it really let the readers see a new threat grooming over Gotham City.  This is really a wonderful issue.
 8 Smiles/10
Dial H issue #8

A good issue with good story.  I really have a love, hate relationship with this series.  Sometimes it has wonderful story, but sometimes the dialogues is really bugging me.  And sometimes the story just too slow and I don’t know what to do with it.  This issue our heroes finally found another dialer in Canada, but just when they’re about to close in with the discovery, the person is then taken by others.  Who these people are is remind to reveal.

At the same time, The Centipede is closing in our heroes first.  He already know who Manteau is, and he sees Nelson transforms back to himself.  Now he has Nelson’s dial, we are going to find out what he is going to do about it next month.
7 Centipedes/10

Earth 2 issue #8

This is one of the best Earth 2 as well.  Steppenwof returns to the story, and he brings a special guest with him this issue- Fury.  Apparently Fury is Earth 2’s Wonder Woman’s daughter.  Even though the code Fury has been use by many different characters before New 52, but a concept of Wonder Woman’s daughter?  I don’t care what people say about this, but I think this is pretty much New 52’s take on DONNA TROY!  I mean, what else is close enough to be Donna Troy?  That, of all reasons, make this one of the best issue ever.

It is fresh for Robinson to focus on the villain this issue instead of the heroes.  Even though this makes the readers miss out our heroes for a whole month, but it was worth it.  Now we finally know what/who the main threat of Earth 2 is, there’s finally reasons for our “Wonders” to be together.
 I think the best thing DC can do is to release more issues about Earth 2 heroes.  That way we can speed up the process and know these heroes better.
8.5 Donna Troys/10

Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1

Who the hell is this guy?  Why the hell is this issue so boring?  Why does it matter that DC hides the true cover of this issue and reveals it at the last minute?  Why is this such a rip-off of Hunger Games, Battle Royale and such?  Is is because DC notices Marvel’s Avengers Arena?  God, this really is an awful issue and  I just recently started to read this series.

Kyle Rayner only appears for a brief moment in this issue and it was really pointless.  The rest of the issue feature this new Green Lantern and the other emotional spectrum doing this that I really don’t care about.  They also introduce us this new game call the Hunted that’s going to be in the new series Threshold next week.  Things are not looking up for this new series though.  But we all know I will still pick it up just to try it out.
The art in this issue is especially bad as well.  There are moments of inconsistency and I can’t tell who some characters are from time to time.  The story feels really rush as well, and I can feel that the writers just want to power through this issue so they can introduce us to the new series Threshold.  God, I’m really like looking forward to Threshold at all.
If things don’t look up in next issue, coming in two weeks, I might actually stop reading this series.  Period.
4 Shitty-Green-Lanterns/10
Superior Spider-Man issue #1

Well, wasn’t that interesting.  After a very controversy death of Peter Parker back in ASM #700, Superior Spider-Man is finally out!  That me tell you, this really isn’t that superior.  Not at all.

The first issue isn’t THAT bad, either.  It’s just missing something, and it is too different to be a superhero comic book with a hero that we like, and love.  The new Spider-Man is dark, and he is more like an anti-hero.  It’s just like what I said in my review for ASM #700, the future readers are not going to know the Spider-Man we love.
But it seems like things might not stay long- it is revealed in the final panel that Peter Parker’s ghost is there right next to Doc Ock!  And he is planning on making a return to his body.  Even though no one, inculding Doc Ock can see,or hear Peter Parker but it’s only a matter of time before Peter Parker makes a return to his body and claims what’s rightfully his.  Then he will REALLY become the Superior Spider-Man.
Let’s not over look the things that make things issue fun to read.  I like Doc Ock’s different fighting style than Peter Parker.  How he bugs the villains and plans his next steps to have a more dramatic effects is funny.  It really shows his arrogant personality.
The Walking Dead issue #106

The Walking Dead 106 is kind of slow.  The story didn’t really move forward, and Negan is still trying to figure out what he wants to do with Carl.  But for some reason, this issue is still a powerful one.

For the first time in issues, we get to see what Rick and his group are up to for the first time.  They notice Carl is gone right away, and they’re on their way to find them.  Eric and Arron talk about what they want to do next.  Jesus makes his way back to the safe zone and now they’re on the way to Negan’s hideout trying to find Carl.  The story is straight forward, and not a lot of new information going on.  The whole issue is saved by the last few pages when Rick’s group meet up with Negan’s group and Negan states that he “can’t fucking wait until you see what I’ve DONE to your little boy!”  Jesus Chris, What did he do to Carl?  That statement can easily make this a memorable issue.  Can’t wait to find out what happened to Carl.

Worlds’ Finest issue #8

Just like Dial H above, I also have a love/hate relationship with this series as well.  I guess is because the first few issues take place in Japanese and I always hate foreign countries take on what Japanese is like.  It is always too colorful, and bizarre.  Now the story moves away from Japan I can finally enjoy the series without the little racist undertone.

Huntress was hunt-down in this issue, and her best friend Power Girl wants to avenge her.  The story is straightforward but a good one.  The main focuses has to be when Huntress is in the hospital bed, she has flashbacks of her childhood with Earth 2’s Batman and Catwoman.  These little flashbacks make the character more interesting and deep.  It also makes the dynamic more profound when we have a light heart character like Power Girl, and a dark, emotional character like Huntress.
The most powerful part of this story comes at the end when Batman finally notices Huntress.  Can’t wait to see the “reunion” between Batman and Huntress.  And I would like to see Huntress as part of Batman’s Family.
7.5 Daddy issues/10

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