Comics Reviews 1-16-2013

I review comic books every week!  This week I review comics from DC, Marvel Image and Shonen Jump’s One Piece .  In alphabetical order.

All New X-Men issue 6

This is once again a wonderful issue, and the covers says it all.  The young X-Men are forming a team, and Kitty is going to be their mentor character.  Professor K!  I always forget Kitty Pryde’s was the headmistress for Jean Gey’s School.  I guess my idea of Kitty still stuck in the past where she was a little girl getting herself in troubles.  For that, I apologized.

Anyway, it’s fun to watch Kitty guiding young Jean Grey managing her new-found ability.  Not only because Kitty herself is not a telepath, but because she got her information from Jean Grey herself.  There are definitely a bond forming.  Not to forget that Storm was there as well.  While Jean Grey has to be the new leader of the young X-Men, the females mutants are allying together.  Maybe this is a hint to the upcoming X-Men title featuring only the female members?

The confrontation between Cyclops and Wolverine is one we’ve been waiting for.  Even though the fight is a quick one; we can see that Scott is disturbingly affected by what happened to his future self.  He is not going down a good road, and it’s heavily hinted by next issue when Mystique is going to show up.  They’re really turning Cyclops into a sucker, Marvel.

Oh, the scene where Cyclops asks about maps and bottled water is priceless!

8 Professor-kitty/10

Batgirl issue 16
Is this the final run by Gail Simone before she returns to Batgirl again?  I’m not so sure, but if that’s the case I’m sure going to miss her.  She gives this unjustified version of Batgirl a very Justified run.
I like where Gail Simone has planned already with this issue.  She has Batgirl fighting through her fear with The Joker, and at the same time she has to deal with family problems involving her mother and her brother.  Thus, having Batgirl as part of Death of the Family is just a distraction.  I can tell that Gail Simon tries to work out her original plan around the Death of the Family, but quite frankly, it’s not working out very well.  It just doesn’t make sense that The Joker will work with little-brother Gordon without killing him, and Joker’s reason for wanting to marry Batgirl is just bizarre.  Hey, but magically, Simone still manages to make this an interesting issue.  I’m hooked .
Anyway, at the end of this issue, Joker has someone killed already.  And he’s about to reveal to us who is it when the issue ends.  Tease, DC.  This seems like the standard formula for every Death of the Family cross-over series, and my guess of it changes depending on what I’m reading.  As of now, it’s Robin.
7 Failed-Marriage/10
Batman issue 16
Finally, the flagship title, and the only one I don’t have a problem with at all with this Death of the Family cross-over.
After the shocking revelation last issue where Batman finds out The Joker looks at him with love, The shock continues when Batman finds out that Joker forces the guards to dance with each others- dress like Batman and Joker.  That and also Joker’s “love letter’ to Batman, keeps on calling Batman their king…etc.  These all prove that Joker REALLY has an unhealthy feeling towards Batman.
Batman himself is not acting all sane either.  His desperateness for finding Joker is making him loosing his cool.  The price he pays for losing his cool is sitting on the electric chair.
There are many awesome moment in this book, I don’t even know where to start.  Batman fighting hundreds of Joker’s henchmen at once, riding a horse, the horse’s head smashes into ice pieces by Mr.Freeze, Clayface, Scarecrow, and finally the room with Superhero dress-ups.  There’s no one dull moment in this issue, and Joker’s love for Batman continues to grow.
Batman sits on the electric chair at the end, and the back-up shows him covering in black cloth.  So how is Batman going to escape this time?  Also, this issue ends with Joker about to show us someone is dead.  Up at this moment, I think it is either Alfred or Robin.  My final decision in next review.
9.6 Joker-loves-Batman/10
Batman and Robin issue 16

Once again, I don’t think any other Death of the Family tie-ins are as good as the flagship title.  This one as well.  In fact, I’ve been feeling that this is the weakest title out of the entire event.  However, this issue proves me wrong.
The reveal that “Batman” is not actually Batman is obvious.  It just doesn’t fit well at all into the timeline.  (Actually, none of them fit well in the timeline at all)  But Robin’s love for his father is really touching in this issue.  You can see that he just wants to be good, and he wants his father to be proud of him.  He is no longer the heartless monster he was.  And we all know that when a character is changing, it is time for him to die…
Or not.  This issue also ends with Joker showing Robin someone was killed already.  While many can argue that it is just a disguise trying to confuse the readers, but I’m pretty sure Alfred is the one that bites the dust.  Hear me out: So far every signs, every release information all lead to the readers believing that Robin is going to die, and the new character Harper Row is going to be the new Robin.  But is it so crazy to think that Harper Row is not going to be the new Robin, but the new Alfred?  Think about it, she has all the computer skills that Alfred has to back up Batman during his missions.  If Harper wants to be a Robin, she’s lacking combat skills that Robins needed anyway.  There was also a scene back in issue 12 where Harper and Alfred talked.  This only means that when Harper takes on the job, it is going to be more meaningful because she knows who Alfred is.  Besides, Grant Morrison has more plans for Damian Wayne anyway- DC cannot kill him off that easily.  Also, not to forget that the cross-over event is called Death of the Family, and it has two meanings.  Alfred is the glue to the entire Bat Family and his death will definitely be the “death” of the entire family.  Also, Alfred is the last Pennyworth, so his death will be the death of the entire Pennyworth family.
But who knows?  Maybe the whole thing will just end up being a red herring.
7/Alfred-bites-the dust/10

Comeback issue 3

Comeback… Am I the only who’s confuse about this series?  I try and try but I just don’t understand what’s going on.  But at the same time, I understand that it is a very good series.  I guess I just have to read the whole series together once the entire run is out.  I mean, I don’t want to have to re-read the entire thing every months when new issues come out!  So as of now, I’m just going to wait for two months for the final issue to come out before I give it a proper score.
And I thought I’m good at theories behind time travel.  Tsk, good job for making me feel bad, Comeback.

Injustice: Gods Among Us issue 1

The prequel to the highly anticipated video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us comic is equally anticipated.  We are introduced to a world where Superman rules with an iron fist, then we flashback to 5 years ago to find out how all the shit comes down.  The moment we learn that Lois Lane is pregnant, it becomes obvious to me why Superman turn tyrant.  Sure enough, in a couple pages, The Joker and Harley Quinn show up and kill Jimmy, and Lois is in danger.  The story is simple, straight to the point, and quite predictable.  However for some reason, I still want to read it.  I want to know how far Superman can go crazy after Lois die.  I want to know who survives Superman’s wrath.  I want to know, if it’s possible, Lois Lane probably didn’t die from Joker.  While the series is predictable, there are still many elements I want to find out.  For that, I will keep on buying this series.
6 It’s-going-to -get-better/10

One Piece chapter 695
One Piece returns after 2 weeks of absent due to New Years, so I guess it’s a surprise that you guys find out I review One Piece, huh?  Or maybe not after seeing how I posted all those One Piece post before.  Anyway, the manga has been pretty bad for the past few months ever since the series entered the Punk Hazard Saga.  The enemies are weak, but Luffy and gang just can’t seem to finish them off and they kept interfered by stupid obstacles.  I guess Eiichiro Oda notices that it would be no fun to have Luffy defeats the enemies too early so he throws in some obstacles.  But those obstacles just slow down the stories WAY too much.  So I’m glad that this chapter changes things around and makes it more interesting.
“Leave it to me” is a chapter that leads One Piece away from boring Punk Hazard and into new problems.  The highlight of this chapter is when Usopp and Nami defeat the enemies with their new moves.  This is what I want to see ever since One Piece did the time-skip over more than a year ago.  Characters evolve, and once tough enemies are no longer threats.  And what’s best to show characters evolution than having the weakest crew members becoming stronger?
The biggest mystery is the final panels when a mysterious character shows up.  Who can this character be?
7.5 Awesome-Usopp-and-Nami/10

Suicide Squad issue 16

While many thinks Suicide Squad is one of the weakest title, I personally think it’s a very solid one.  After the none-sense where Suicide Squad puts Harley Quinn into the Death of the family cross-over, I’m glad to see that Suicide Squad is back to its original self.  We learn exactly what happened to Deadshot after his supposed death, and the fates of other team members.  While most of the members are recuperating from what happened, Deadshot and Harley Quinn regroup with other Squad members.  Yo-yo and Volt make a return to the series, and we learn something interesting- somehow, all the members that’re either dead or wounded badly are back without a scratch.  It is kind of obvious that Amanda Waller figures out something form the arm she retrieved form the Resurrection Man Mitch Shelly.  At the end of the issue, the squad is given a new task, a new mission.  Nothing really big happened in this issue, but at least it’s a solid one preparing for a brand new story.

7 brand-new-beginning/10

Threshold issue 1

I regretted buying this issue.  I know it feels like I’m being lazy writing the reviews, but that’s really not the case- this issue just happens to be the last in the alphabet.  I already know that after Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1 this is going to be an awful story, but I figure I should just give the story a chance.  How wrong was I?  The stupid alien lingo, the characters I don’t give a shit about, and stupid Hunger Games/Battle Royale ripped off it’s just too much!  The Larfleeze back-up is better, but it doesn’t justify the book at all.  Man, how I will buy this book anymore.

3 For Back-Ups-Only/10   

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