My Prediction On The Death In The Death of The Family

Those of you who read this week’s BatmanBatgril and Batman And Robin notice the similar ending: They all have The Joker holding a waiter’s plate with a cover on.

Like this:

Or this:

Now the problem is: What’s inside the plate?  Alright, who am I kidding.  It’s a head.  Now the problem is who’s head is it?  After thinking through many possibilities, I’m pretty sure that Alfred Pennyworth is dead.

Before you got all angry fan boys on me hear my reasons out: There are signs and released information that lead to the readers believing that Robin is going to die, and the new character Harper Row is going to be the new Robin.  But is it so crazy to think that Harper Row is not going to be the new Robin, but the new Alfred?  Think about it, she has all the computer skills that Alfred has to back up Batman during his missions.  If Harper wants to be a Robin, she’s lacking combat skills that Robins needed anyway.  There’s also a scene back in issue 12 where Harper and Alfred share a moment.  This only means that when Harper takes on the job, it is going to mean something, because she knows who Alfred is.

Not of forget that Grant Morrison has more plans for Damian Wayne anyway, and DC is not going to kill him off that easily before Morrison finishes his story.  Also, not to forget that the cross-over event is called Death of the Family, and it has two meanings.  1) Alfred is the glue to the entire Bat Family and his death will definitely be the “death” of the entire family.  2) Alfred is the last Pennyworth, so his death will be the death of the entire Pennyworth family.

Kind of shines a whole different light on the hidden Robin on the Batman And Robin issue 19 fold-out cover, huh?  Or maybe I’m wrong and the whole thing is just another red herring anyway. We shall find out in 30 days when Batman issue 17 comes out.


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