Comics Reviews 1-23-2013

I review comic books every week!  This week I review comics from DC, Marvel, and Shonen Jump’s One Piece .  In alphabetical order.

First thing I want to point out is that I found it very annoying that the DC issues have banner for Arrow on the cover.  I hate that show.  Anyway…

Birds of Prey issue 16

A brand new beginning for a brand new issue of Birds of Prey.  This issue we are introduced with two new team members- Strix, the Talon and Condor.  Personally, I like Strix better than Katana.  The character is more interesting than Katana, and she fits the bird theme of the team better anyway.  Condor is the only male in the team, which they point out in this issue as well, but it doesn’t make him any less of a member.  If anything, it makes him a very characteristic member of the team.  I like how this issue skips ahead of few weeks to allow the team members to bond.  I know a lot of readers probably would like to see how the members becoming a team, but seriously though, I don’t think this series can slow down anymore.  Anyway, this is a solid issue and it brings back my faith for the series.

The ending is makes me wonder what the heck Black Canary is going to do now.  Can’t wait.

7.8 hooray-for-new-members/10

DC Universe Presents issue 16

I’m so sad about this series.  I was really looking forward to Black Lighting and Blue Devil, but the stories turns out to be really, really weak.  I’m glad that it is over because this doesn’t justified the characters at all.  What we want from this series is a re-introduction of these classic characters to the world of New 52, but the stories are so bad, I don’t even know why I care about these characters anymore.  Anyway not that the story is over, it doesn’t mean that the characters are over as well.  I’m looking forward to see how they fit into the world of New 52 in the future.


Green Lantern issue 16

I can’t believe Rise of The Third Army is ending already.  I didn’t even see a single member of the Third Army is this issue.  This really is a very bizarre event that the real threat was hardly seen in the event at all.  Anyway, don’t stop this from being a good issue though.

This is an awesome issue where I fall in love B’dg all over again.  He is such an awesome character in a cute, little package.  We also learn why Simon Baz is such a special Green Lantern.  He has the ability to cure illness!  A power where none of the Green Lantern has.  While might not a lot happens in this issue, we are moving forward things to Green Lantern Corps.

8.2 Cute-B’dg/10

Green Lantern Corps issue 16

This is one of the few times I would get Green Lantern Corps.  I like this series, and surprisingly due to Guy Gardner.  For an asshole, Guy Gardner has some very interesting stories.  Also, upon reading Green Lantern, I learn that Simon Baz is going to make another appearance in this issue so… yeah…

This is another fun issue where we get to see Baz, Gardner and B’dg kick some asses.  And this time, we finally get to see the Third Army is action!  Guy Gardner really shows how tough he is, especially consider the fact that he doesn’t have a ring anymore.  However, I don’t like how they end the battle so easy with missiles.  It’s also cute to see how similar Baz and Gardner are.

8.5 Gardner-and-Baz/10

Green Lantern: New Guardians issue 16

Well, after the horrible annual issue, this issue finally picks up a bit.  Kyle Rayner’s reunion with Ganthet is a touching one where it leads for us to understand better why Kyle Rayner has difficulties understanding the emotion specter of “love.”  DC should just understand that people only like this series for Kyle Rayner and go ahead and change the series to Kyle Rayner: The Awesome Green Lantern.  How Awesome is he?  Well, he finally manages all the emotional specters and becomes a White Lantern.  That’s awesome or what?

Anyway, after this issue, everything is going to end in next week’s Green Lanterns Corps annual # 1.  So how’s Kyle going to use his power?  Let’s find out.

The only reason points are lower is because I don’t care about anyone else but Kyle Rayner.

7.8 awesome-Kyle Rayner/10

Injustice: Gods Among Us issue 2

Well, that turns out to be a surprise.  I really though The Joker is going to kill Lois Lane that easily.  But no, he has to go and take his time to torture her, or whatever the hell he’s doing to her currently.  The appearance of Justice League members is a good one because it really shows how desperate Superman is with Lois Lane missing.  And how cool was it that Doomsday pops out of the nowhere at the end.

8.2 Doomsday-kills them-all/10

Justice League issue 16

And mentioning Justice League, Justice League slows down this issue.  While I still think Throne of Atlantis is a strong cross-over, but it really isn’t as good as the previous two issues.  I mean, are we really supposed to believe that Superman and Wonder Woman can be defeated by the Atlanians?  Those two are like gods!  And also Batman, a human trapped in water stream like that?  He’s not going to last long.  No, I understand where they are going with this.  They need to put Justice League in dire situations so they can have Cyborg calling for REINFORCEMENTS!!!!!!

That final page is just awesome!  We get to see all the possible helps for Justice League.  Now allows me to break them down one by one:

  • Element Woman: I always know this character is going to be back in New 52, but I just don’t know how.  I don’t even know how’s our characters know her.  Anyway, I really like this character and I can’t wait to see her in actions.
  • Green Arrow: Now isn’t that just ridiculous how Cyborg tries to ask Green Arrow for help out, especially after they turned him down originally.  Let’s see how Green Arrow will act on this, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to turn it down because he’s going to be part of Justice League of America.
  • Black Lighting:  It’s good to see how he’s going to make an appearance already.  Hopefully he does a better job here than DC Universe Presents.
  • Shazam!: Alright!  I’m so glad to see that he’s going to be part of Justice League already.  I just hope that the Shazam! backups explain how the League knows Shazam!  Bu overall, it is really cool to see him.
  • Hawkman: So all the classics DC heroes are going to be part of the team, huh?  However, just like Green Arrow, Hawkman is going to be part of Justice League of America this February as well.  So I wonder how that is going to play out.
  • Vixen: Another classic character.  I’m glad she finds a place where she belongs after Justice League International was cancelled.  I actually don’t know a lot about Vixen, and I wouldn’t mind having this as an opportunity to know her better.
  • Zatanna: Of course she has to be a reinforcement for the league!  A classic member and a fan favorite.  I can wait to see her having more appearances outside of Justice League Dark.   I really LOVE her.
  • Goldrush: Who?
  • Black Canary: Yeah, more chances to see Black Canary.  Perhaps this is the chance for DC to bring back the relationship between Green Arrow and Black Canary?  Who knows, but its always good to see Black Canary around.
  • Firestorm: People been wondering why Firestorm’s series is not cancelled yet.  Maybe that if Firestorm is going to join Justice league, his own series will be cancel.  There, I said it.

So here you go, DC is trying to rebuild the classic Justice League team.  Even though the issue might not be a strong one, but that final page makes things better.

Oh, and the Shazam backup is as strong as always.  Can’t wait for that to have its own on-going series.

8.2 final-page-makes-up-everything/10

Nightwing issue 16

This is a creepy, f-up issue.  It is really dark to see everyone Nightwing knows turns into Joker’s mind-controlled minions.  Especially the final attack by the little girl Christina.  I mean, that’s just brutal. This really breaks him down you can really see how Dick Grayson, the oldest sidekick, got broken into pieces physically and emotionally.

There’re many questions about this issue though, how the heck is The Joker able to haunt down all these Bat members at one time?  It is really confusing of the timeline of Death of the Family event.  But this is not the first time I complain about this, so….
Overall, overlooking the timeline problem, this is actually a pretty strong issue.  I used to say I hate all the Death of the Family cross-over but the Batman title, but towards the end, all the issues finally pick up.  This issue also ends with The Joker holding the waitress plate.  Next month is the ending and I can’t wait to see what’s inside of it.
7.5 happy-endings/10
One Piece Chapter 696

“Community of Interests” is a celebration chapter.  Every time after incidents on any islands, the Straw Hate Pirates always celebrate with a fest, and this is that chapter.  Nothing a lot happened, but this is still a pretty decent chapter.

The revelation of Momonosuke’s human form is… all I have to say is he might as well just stay in his dragon form.  I have no idea why Eiichiro Oda bother hides Momonosuke’s appearance in the first place, but it is not anything special at all.  Also, the kid is really annoying with his stupid beliefs on not eating the food.  I know there might be a reason for this, but that whole “honor” thing is really getting old.  Get a life, kid.
So neither Doflamingo nor that mysterious shadowed figure made an appearance this chapter.  However, we did find out which Yonko Law wants Luffy to take down.  It turns out he wants them to take down Kaido, and it reveals that Kaido’s epithet is “Kaido of the Hundred Beasts.”  Maybe he is also the same Yonko that leads an army of synthetic Devil Fruit users?  Anyway, it also turns out that Luffy want to take down all of the Yonko eventually.  What a shock!
Anyway, I think it is safe to assume that the next island is going to be Wano, where Straw Hat Pirates are going to escort Kinemon and Momonosuke home.
8.2 next-island-of-one-piece/10

Supergirl issue 16

So far, the eniter H’El on Earth cross-over is just horrible.  However, Supergirl series have been doing pretty well with this event.  I know I haven’t read the Superboy series yet, but I’m pretty sure no one can do better than Supergirl when comes to this event.  Supergirl shows a personal reasons for caring about about Krypton.  She’s the only one who actually grew up there, and her stories have always been how she doesn’t belong anywhere, so if she can bring back Krypton and find a place where she belong, she will do it for whatever reason.

This issue also guest star The Flash as well.  Flash does a wonderful job exploring the fortress, and introduces to the readers many interesting aspects.  For example, I have no idea that Superman has a zoo in the fortress.  Also, it’s great to see Krypto again.  He really is an awesome dog.
I have no idea what that thing is at the final page of the issue.  But I don’t think I care at all.
7 eh/10

Uncanny Avengers issue 3

Uncanny Avengers is hard to care when you can only read it once in TWO MONTHS!  Jesus, why does this take forever to come out?  I though this is the flagship book of what the entire Marvel NOW is all about, but this is taking way too long for me to care at this point.

The story itself… is kind of annoying   I mean, who the hell is narrating the entire story?  Knowing that this is someone narrating a past event just makes me care about this story even less than ever.  Red Skull’s plan is kind of confusing.  He wants to get rid of all the mutants, but at the same time he’s teaming himself up with mutants?  I don’t know…
Red Skull turning everyone to hate mutants is kind of a cool.  Especially the noble Captain America being effected by it, too.  At the end, Red Skill successfully turn Thor to his side, and how Wolverine survived the attack is beyond my imagination.  So yeah, this series need to pick up soon.  And when I said pick up, I mean it needs to be one issue per month.  I don’t think I’m asking too much, am I?
6.9 mutants-haters/10

Wonder Woman issue 16

Wonder Woman really is a strong series.  Even though the series shows no signs of being part of the New 52 world, it is a very strong series itself no matter what.

Orion’s introduction to the world is really awesome.  I can’t wait for this New Gods things to come out the other end at sees how the other New Gods going to fit into the world of New 52.
A question I have at the bar scene though, what’s wrong with ordering a Jack and Coke?  I always order Jack and Coke in a bar- that’s my drink.  The bartender is a prick.  Anyway, how all the demi-gods appear in that bar is really cool.  The reunion next month is going to be crazy!
Anyway, who the hell is that emo kid waiting outside the bathroom, and what did he/she said to Zola?
8.8 demi-gods/10

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  1. Even if you don’t find Katana particularly interesting, I’m sure you would love her solo series. Most of miss Nocenti’s works are awful, so you may think I’m joking: to make you understand that I’m serious, I’ll tell you what went on in the first 2 issues.
    There is a gang (probably related to an oriental cult) which goes after Katana and fights her (probably to rob her sword). Katana becomes friend with a member of that gang, and persuades him to become her mole.
    He brings her to a meeting of the whole gang, and you tell yourself: “Now Katana will pretend to be his girlfriend, and listen to what they’re saying in order to get as many informations as possible.” Miss Nocenti decided to follow a less expected path: during that meeting, Katana immediately reveals her identity, and this leads to an action packed scene.
    At the end of that scene, Katana is the winner, of course, and you tell yourself “Now the leader of the gang will say something like “I’ll take my revenge”.” For the second time, miss Nocenti chooses to go in a less expected direction: the leader asks Katana to join the gang! And, even more surprisingly, she says yes, because, as she says in a thought bubble, “I will consider getting close to my enemy, but only to kill him.” FANTASTIC!!! Until now, this is a 5 stars series.


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