Comics Reviews 1-30-2013

I review comic books every week!  This week I review comics from DC, Marvel, and Shonen Jump’s One Piece , in alphabetical order.

Once again, I noticed all the Arrow banner on top of DC issues.  It’s getting really annoying…


Aquaman issue 16

This is a fun issue.  It has mysteries, Aquaman trying to help his friends, and it also has shocking revelations.  My favorite moment has to be when the heroes called upon by Cyborg from Justice League issue 16 come to the rescue.  While the heroes might be defeated by Orm, there is a glimpse of a small superhero- can this be Atom?  To me, this really is the highlight of the issue.  I also enjoy reading Cyborg’s inner desire while he is down under.  It really strengthen this character especially cause this character doesn’t have his own series. However, this is still one of the slowest issue.  Aquaman’s rescue mission drags on, and it makes me don’t care about it anymore.  The ending is a shocking one, but it doesn’t mean is hard to see it coming.  Overall, I give this issue a–

8.8 justice-league-members/10


Batman Incorporated issue 7

Just like the Aquaman issue, this issue of Batman Inc. slows down as well.  I guess it is tough catch up with a death of a member from last week, huh?  Anyway, Talia al Ghul’s evil plan continues in this issue where the entire Batman family is put in danger.  While Batman himself is lock in a safe and thrown to the bottom of the pool, the other Batman members are under all kinds of attack.  The best part is when a school bus full of kids are attacking Commissionaire Gordon and Nightwing- they can’t fight back because they’re kids!  Now the entire Batman Family is in danger, and everything is up to Damian to rescue.  Can’t wait to read the issue next week to see how things turn out.

8.6 Damian-to-the-rescue/10


Batman and Robin Annual #1

This is far my favorite Batman and Robin issue.  Damian puts Batman on a trip around the world to re-discover his family past, while he himself stays in Gotham to fight crime?  That’s just too cute.  Not to mention that he puts on his future Batman costume.  It is really cute to see him in that outfit as a little kid.  Okay, so after reading this issue, I further believe that Alfred is going to die.  This issue also reveals a lot of things about Alfred, and I think that’s so we can have one final goodbye to Alfred.  Call me crazy, but that’s just how I read this issue.

8.8 cute-little-Damian/10


Batman: The Dark Knight issue 16

Damn, when will this horrible series gets better?  And when will I learn my lesson and stop buying it?  I guess I just have a soft spot for Batman… and Superman huh?  More on that later.

Anyway, the only part I like about this issue is when Mad Hatter is properly introduced.  This version of Mad Hatter is has creepy as ever, and I really enjoy seeing him causing havoc in Gotham city.  So if anything, I guess I will pick up the next issue just because I want to see Mad Hatter running around.

5.5 dame-you-Batman/10


The Flash issue 16

This is also a very weak issue as well. If something cool doesn’t happen soon, I am going to stop buying this series as well.  The Flash tags into the Speed Force again, but I don’t understand how this is supposed to an answer to defeat Grodd.  The first date between Barry Allen and Iris West was interesting.  I always want this two to be together like how things was before New 52, and it seems like the possibility is there once again.  The thing the bug me the most this issue is when an Asian in the tank pulls a race card, and someone else called on him pulling the race card.  For some reason, it just bug me a lot these days when people pulling the race care,and it especially bug me when someone else called one it.  Jeez people, leave that shit alone already, will you?

I also heard a rumor that Reverse-Flash is going to the DC world soon.  Hopefully that will happen soon.

6.2 come-back-soon-Reverse-Flash/10


Green Lantern Corps Annual #1

The conclusion of Rise of the Third Army is a rush one, but it is also a good one.  The lanterns take down the Guardians, while Baz and B’dg try to find Hal Jordan- can the story be any simpler?  Now the entire run of Rise of the Third Army ended, I really have to say that the Third Army doesn’t do a lot in this event, huh?  I mean, they’re supposed to the threat right?  How come I didn’t see a lot of them in this event?  The threat comes and the treat goes.  Everything was resolved easily as Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern comes to save the day.  The Guardians grow desperate and seek help from the legendary First Lantern.  This is when things go wrong and the event is going to the Wrath of the First Lantern event.  The story goes by really fast, but it does set out to a promising new event.  Meanwhile, all I really care is what happened to Hal Jordan and Sinestro.

7.8 Lanterns/10


Injustice: Gods Among Us

I’m really enjoying this issue.  When Doomsday shows up out of nowhere, I already expected that it has something to do with Lois Lane.  I just didn’t expect that Lois Lane IS Doomsday.  While the story is as predictable as before, it still brings me chills down my spine.  At the end of the issue, Metropolis is blown to pieces, and Lois Lane is killed by Superman himself, I really can’t wait to see what Superman is going to do now.  Is this where he’s going to go rogue?  I know I would if I was him.

8.5 end-of-the-world/10


Justice League Dark issue 16

Poor Deadman.  He just came to live, and he is killed right away.  Through Constantine, we are confirmed with what happened to our heroes- they all lost their magical characteristic.  And this also answers why Frankenstein isn’t affected by any of the magic of this because he is not a product of magic, but science.  On Zatanna’s side we also learn the history of this dimension.  In some ways this is really an informative issue.  Now my biggest problem is what happens to Orchid and Deadman?  Especially Deadman cause it seems like he was completely destroyed.  I hope nothing happens to him.

8.8 old-Xanadu/10


Lot 13 issue 4

“What the heck is wrong with me keeping reading this series?”  I ask myself.  I really don’t understand what going on with this issue, and it’s not the good kind of don’t understand like Comeback, but the bad kind of don’t understand.  I mean, what’s wrong?  This series started off so strong and promising, and now it just really bad.  The dad from was killed last issue, and now he is time traveling to get back to his family?  I don’t understand what’s going on here.  Even though I’m most likely going to re-read the entire series when the final issue is out next month, but I don’t think I will ever understand what’s going on, and I don’t think I will ever care anymore.

2 what-the-fuck/10


One Piece Chapter 697

“Deal” is once again the aftermath chapter that leads to what’s going to happen next.  And just like every other aftermath chapters, it reveals more than we expected.  It turns out that Kaido is not human at all as Law calls him the strongest creature.  I wonder what Kaido is then…  Law also states that it is only 30% chance that they are going to win with the alliance.  Well, he is not one of the Yonko for nothing, you know.  The rest of the chapter is kind of boring having the marines saying goodbye and pretending to hate the Straw Hat Pirates.  But seriously, what the heck, Smoker?  Can you be anymore out of character?  I thought its always your goal to capture the Straw Hats, so just do it already!  The highlight is the deal between Law and Doflamingo at the end.  Will Doflamingo step down of being Shichibukai to save his crew members?  We shall find out next week.

8.5 Smoker-get-them/10


Superior Spider-Man issue 2

This is an annoying issue.  Peter Parker following Doc Ock around and keeps on making comments  is just making the panels crowded and distracting.  It is kind of funny watching Doc Ock trying to score with Mary Jane.  While it is disturbing, Doc Ock’s failure is just hilarious.  It is good that the ending result of Doc Ock’s desperateness has nothing to do with the cover.  I guess Marvel also noticing that it is disturbing if Doc Ock’s kisses MJ.  Because that’s called rape, my friend.  Well, as I said before, it doesn’t seem that Marvel is going to keep this Doc Ock/Spider-Man too long.  It’s only a matter of time when Peter Parker returns to his body.

6.8 Doc-Ock-doesn’t-kiss-MJ/10


Superman issue 16

Just like Batman: The Dark Knight, why do I even bother with this series?  The answer is because its the flagship Superman title.  This really is one of the worst title that is still on my pull list.  I feel like a lot of people have the same feelings as me, and the only reason they’re continuously buying this series is the same as me- it’s Superman.  The story is weak, I don’t understand what’s going on, and I really hate it when Supergirl kisses H’el.  I can’t wait for this event to be over so I can read the new story, or hurry up to the time travel story so we can see what happened in issue 0 from this perspective.  In fact, I can’t wait for the untitled Superman series that’s coming in a few months.  Hopefully that can redeem the entire Superman line.
4.5 Superman-sucks/10

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