Sleeping Dogs DLC- Monkey King Pack Review


Sleeping Dogs released their newest DLC- The Monkey King Pack earlier this week. For those of you who don’t know who the Monkey King is, he’s Sun Wukong from the classic Chinese literature Journey to the West. The influential literature and characters are also the original roots for the Dragon Ball series. I am a big fan of Journey to the West, so when I found out there’s a DLC based on the literature I downloaded it right way. And when I play the DLC, I was disappointed immediately.

The DLC’s gimmicks are Sun Wukong’s costume, a ride based on his cloud- Somersault Cloud, a staff and improved melee skills. While all these sounds awesome, but the actual execution is depressing. I enter the game and check my apartment right away to put the the Monkey King outfit. The outfit is satisfying as it really makes me look like the Monkey King, and increases my melee skills like it promised. Then I spend the longest time looking for the staff. Sun Wukong is famous for his extant-able staff, and it is one of the reasons I bought the DLC. After digging through my apartment and turns up nothing, I decide to go to my other apartment to check it out, hoping that’s the reason. I decided to ride the Somersault Cloud bike to my other apartment only to find a piece of crap bike with clouds around it when I’m riding it. The bike is not any faster, or anything special ability. It really just a skin for the bike. After I arrive the other apartments, I still can’t find the staff, so I go online to find information of where the staff is. Nothing turns up again. Just when I’m about to rule this as a game glitch, I see my guy hitting someone with the staff! So it turns out that the staff only appears when you’re in battle, and only when you’re wearing the Monkey King outfit. This is the point where I turn off the game, and come to an understanding that I just wasted my money on this.

I’m not saying this is not a good DLC, I’m just saying that this is not the DLC I’m looking for. Square Enix also announces that they’re releasing a story DLC called “The Year of Snake” sometime this month. Let’s hope that DLC will be better than this one.

My Score: 5/10


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