Comics Reviews 2-06-2013

I review comic books every week! This week I review comics from DC, Marvel, and Shonen Jump’s One Piece , in alphabetical order.

The DC covers nightmare continues! Why is Arrow still doing there? Also, due to financial issue and lack of interest, I’m going to stop reading as much comics as I used to. Sorry.


This issue introduces Mystique to the series. She successfully tricks Cyclops into believing her side of the story, and the result of that is everyone’s guess. Meanwhile, back at the school, Kitty is training the remaining time-travel X-Men. Once again I really enjoy seeing Kitty as the teacher character and kicks Iceman’s ass.

Not a lot happened in this issue, but the seed for an all-out war is planted. Next week is the debut of the much anticipated Uncanny X-Men series. We’ll see how things play out.
8 sexy-Mystiques/10
The issues concludes the Merry-Maker story. Or does it? It’s a classic Batman story trying to figure out who’s behind the mask and while the ending is predicable, it is once again the reason that moves the story forward. The Joker’s influence to Gotham City is evident, and in many way isn’t Batman similar to The Joker as well? While The Joker inspires many copycats, Batman also inspires many crime fighters as well. The ending promises us more of Emperor Penguin next month. The back-up is a spin chilling one that suggests The Joker’s influence may be bigger than expected.
7.7 Joker-lovers/ 10
The will be the last time I read this series. Mainly is because I’m starting to lose interest to the series, and not a lot of promising to the future. This issue brought us to more complicated world of Dial H and I’m not sure if I understand or even care about it. When I first pick up this series I though it would be power/enemy of the month type of story. For all I know, that would be a better story anyway. Now I’m graduating from the series, I know I will miss it. And just like the schools I graduated from, I know I will visit the series once a while. Maybe during the month that somehow has The Flash in it. Most likely Nelson dialed The Flash’s power.
Not going to give a score to a series I’m quitting. I don’t think that’s too far.
I really like this series. An alternate Earth with alternate heroes. A brand-new chance for writers to introduce old, classic Golden Age heroes that were once forgotten to the world. This issues not only re-introduced many classic characters like Dr. Fate and Judo Master, it also puts Sandman into more action. The face-off between the Wonders is just an awesome scene, and it also shines more light into what’s going on in this world. it is taking too long for this heroes too come together though, and I can’t wait for Justice Society of America to finally formed. Maybe they should release this series to two times a month like they do with some of the Marvel titles. Just saying.
8.5 Sandmen/ 10
This issue takes a turn for the worse for Superman. He takes on Green Lantern, nearly killing him. He won’t listen to anyone and he won’t calm down. Batman questions The Joker why he done this, the only response he gets is he wants to play the game in easy mode now, and Superman is the easier choice for him. However, I don’t believe him. I think there’s a definitely a bigger picture here. The final shows that Superman killed The Joker- I hope he somehow survived even though I don’t see how.
8.5 Superman-gone-psycho/ 10
So it seems that Doflamingo is not going to quit Shichibukai, huh? “Doflamingo Appears” has Doflamingo appears in an awesome, kick-ass way using his Haki and Devil Fruit ability. Now that’s a Shichibukai actually proving why he’s worthy to hold the spot. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat side of the story is very informative as well. It reveals where they’re going next, and it really puts the alliance between Straw Hat Pirates, and Heart Pirates in action. This also put more meaning into that awesome cover page on chapter 693.
One_Piece_693_02[One Piece 693 Read Online]Now it seems like Law, Kin’emon and Momonosuke are all going to stick around for a long while, this is going to be awesome. I also really want Kin’emon to join the crew- he looks really awesome along side Zoro and Brook.
It also reveals that the figure at the final panel of chapter 695 is Kuzan. It’s good to see that guy again.
9.2 awesome-alliance/ 10
While this issue still have that annoying Peter Parker following Doc Ock thingy going on, it is a lot better issue than the previous ones. It gives Doc Ock a deeper character than before. It shows how much he cares about his old friend, and he would rather give him all of his money than beat up the old fool. And the only reason he freaks out is not because of Peter Parker’s memory, but his own childhood drama. This really makes him a more compelling character. Dare I say I’m starting to like this Spider-Man now?
8 Doc-Ock-has-feelings/ 10

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