“Line” App Reviews

Line app logoSo what’s “Line”? It is an awesome communication app developed by NAVER Japan that allows you to send Emoji and cute stickers to your friends. The app is a huge hit in Asian countries, but it is not yet a big deal in America.

Anyway, with this app you can do things like this:


Isn’t that just adorable?  The app comes pre-packed with many different cute stickers that allows you to communicate with your friends without words.  The app is prepared for all different situations that you can guaranteed to have full conversations just by the stickers.  The app also comes with free stickers for you to download right away.  I don’t know why they gave you the option if it’s free anyway.

The app also features a little social network function that allows you to post your statues for your Line friends to see.  The app claims that it allows users to communicate each others with free calls.  However, I don’t seem to able to find that function in the app.  I guess it might be a function that only works in Asian countries.

Anyway, I have an iPad and a Windows Phone, so I try out both.  The two versions are VERY DIFFERENT.  The iPad version is a lot better than the Windows Phone.  It allows you to log into your Line through Facebook, and it also allows you to better manage your Line account.  Also, it offers you selections of awesome stickers that you can, buy the Windows Phone version does not have.  Not to mention that it has A LOT better, and friendly interface.

Sadly since this is a communication app, I have to use the infuriated Windows app as my primary account.  Also, since not a lot of people are using Line app yet it is kind of disappointed to use now.  Maybe in a couple of months of persuading my friends, this app can become our main source of communication.

The app is free!  So if you guys are interested, go get it right now!

My score: Windows version: 6.5/10

iPad/iPhone version: 8.8/10 


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16 replies

  1. I use Line app, too and I really love it!


  2. hi i have windows 8 phone , and I download line , line can not call !
    update line to call plz…


  3. I have the LINE app i love it just wish more of my friends would have it so we could all have fun


  4. i am ruchika


  5. I like….sticker


  6. Hi.. Does LINE works on java phones. If yes plz tell me the any download link


  7. Dowload link for java mobile plz?


  8. I would stay away from LINE now, they just did the same thing as Skype and hijacked the call functions on the phone. Most important to me is the Direct Dial feature which I use on the lockscreen to call my wife, now it opens to LINE instead and there seems to be no way around it.


  9. This app is a lie and just spams everyone on your contact and social connections. Why you think you can login using a social networking account? Very disappointing how TV advertising use their deviously twisted schemes to make people believe their lies for a product. Free should be “free”. No adding this or that to use the product. If an app is successful and thousands download and install – that alone helps pay for the app itself with plenty profits. Just pisses me off the world of lies we live in. Then again, the world is influenced by the father of lies, Satan.


  10. i downloaded the app bt it wont let me make calls it says i have nt enough credit money someone pliz help how can i make it workbor do i have to pay:(



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