BioShock Infinite Elizabeth Figure Reviews

My girlfriend finally opens her BioShock Infinity figures.  Here are some pics:





The figure is a standard one with typical pose-able points as any action figures have.  However, there’re are few details that make this figure stands out.  The skirt that Elizabeth wears is made out of real cloth unlike many action figures I have before.  While the material might be cheap, it sure brings authenticity to the figure. Also, the figure stands easily.  I usually hate female action figures, because they usually wear high heels and it’s difficult for them to stand.  However, this is not the case for this figure.  This figure stands easily and I’m really impressed by it.

One more thing is the figure’s face:


For an action figure it really has a detailed face.  It seems so lively and beautiful.  So Overall, I will give this figure a 8/10.  It really is just an action figure, nothing too much to it.

My girlfriend also has the Boy of Silence action figure, but it’s too creepy and I think we accidentally broke the figure or something so I decided not to review it.  Again, toooooo creepy.


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  1. It’s called Bioshock Infinite.


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