The Walking Dead: “The Suicide King” Reviews

The Walking Dead is back!  And only after two months of absent!  I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a very short wait unlike Breaking Bad.  Anyway, for a mid-season opener, The Suicide King isn’t a very strong episode.  However, it’s a decent enough episode to bring back my passion for the series.

The cliffhanger from mid-season finale resolves quickly in this episode.  A little too quick in my opinion.  Rick and his group just enter the arena, throws some smoke grenades and ready to go?  Yeah, cause things just work out that easily.  A few causalities, including Haley who I though was the TV counterpart of Lily.  Well, that was short lived.  When Andrea begins to wonder about where her friends are, for a moment there, I was rooting for Andrea returning to her original group.  A part of me hoping that if Andrea returns to her old group, she would be smarter.  But nope, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Andrea has to stay in Woodburry and continues to be her stupid self.  But more on that later.

Michonne is starting to be Andrea #2 now.  Can she please just speak up?  Even her comic book counterpart isn’t this quite.  The writers better have a legit reason for her shut-in attitude, otherwise her actions are never going to justified.  The road where Rick says goodbye with Daryl is awesome.  We can see the emotional struggles Daryl has- he knows it’s not safe to bring his brother back to the prison, and he also knows how important the prison needs him.  But at the end, the guilt that he already give up his brother once comes to him and he decides to leave with Merle.  Carol is really sad about this too, but don’t worry girl, I’m SURE Daryl will be back soon.

Steven Yeun is becoming a better and better with episodes.  He really shows Glenn’s anger and I really grow to like him as an actor and character.  Not to mention now that Daryl is gone, Glenn really has to step up as Rick’s second in command now.

Back in prison, Tyreese and Sasha are quickly becoming fan favorite characters with their sincere actions and understandings.  Meanwhile, I can’t wait for Allen and Ben to die.  To bad though, cause Allen is one character I really like in comic series.  The final moment in the common room where Rick freaks out is an intense one.  Mainly because the writers make Tyreese such lovable character that the fans just want Rick to give in already and let Tyreese’s group to stay with them.  Like Hershel says, they can really use the muscles.  Not to mention that Rick is in worst shape than ever, and maybe they can have a more sympathetic leader who’re willing to do what’s right.

And Woodburry.  Man, that place is dumb.  The way those residents reacts after a night of intruders, and walkers stumble into the town is just annoying.  The thing should be a bigger deal, but it’s almost like no one gives a damn what happened.  Oh no, someone got bitten.  Let’s just all ask each others to do something about it, but no one actually does it.  And Andrea?  She’s pissed that The Governor didn’t tell her that her friends are in town, but she decides to stay behind and takes care of the panicking residents.  It seems like that while The Governor is losing control of the town, Andrea is slowing talking it over.  If that’s the case, it would be interesting to watch.

Rick’s losing his mind with Lori’s ghost haunting him, The Governor is plotting to revenge.  Can the show goes more intense than this?

My favorite moment:  When Sasha though that the baby is Beth’s.  Damn!

Score: 8/10


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