S.H. Figuarts Kankichi Ryotsu Unboxing Reviews

When I heard that Bandai is releasing Kankichi Ryotsu figure for the S.H. Figuarts series, I was overjoyed and pre-ordered one right away.  It just came in the mail yesterday.


Look at all the parts this figure comes with!  For those who don’t know who Ryotsu-San is, he’s the main character from popular Shonen Jump series- Kochikame.  It’s the longest living series on Shonen Jump– been publishing since 1976, and the series is still going strong!  In the 35 something years the series been publishing, there are a few figures released along the line.  However, all those figures are from years ago and already out of print.  Anyway, here goes:



This figures not only comes with many spare parts, it also comes with toys and hobbies that Ryotsu-San likes.  You see the two smaller versions of him?  Those are the out of print figures I mentioned earlier.  It’s kind of cool that they included those figures here.

The figure is easy to make different poses that capture the energetic nature of Ryotsu-San.  The color, and details are excellent.  There’s nothing to complain here; it truly is a masterpiece.

One big problem I have with the figure is that it’s not easy to switch parts.  I’m afraid I might break it if I try too hard, so it’s a shame that I cannot switch his spare parts around to take different pictures.  However, I did take a picture with all the gadgets.



These are all of Ryotsu-San’s interests.  He has paper with racehorse information, RC tank, his very own action figures and a copy of Shonen Jump.  It’s a shame that it’s not easy to switch parts though, cause I would really like to have taken pictures with Ryotsu-San playing his toys.

Here’s pic of the back of the box where it shows all the possible things Ryotsu-San can do:


Score: 8.5/10


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