Comics Reviews 2-13-2013

I review comic books every week!  This week I review comic books from DC, Marvel and Image. In alphabetical order.


Avengers Arena issue 4

The series continues its familiar format of flashbacks of a characters that allows readers to understand who these characters are.  However, just like I stated before, the story is progressing too slow.  We learn who Chase is this issue, and that’s it?  The story hardly move forward at all.  And for a story about teenagers killing each others, not a lot of death.  Reptil is severely damaged by an unknown attacker, but he’s not dead.  This story really needs to move forward fast, otherwise I’m going to be very disappointed with it.  Thank god this month there are going to be another issue, maybe things will catch up a bit by then.

The biggest mystery in this issue is what the heck happened to Dark Hawk, and why is Chase turning into Dark Hawk?  Also, to much shame, can someone tell me what this cover is parody after?

7 move-forward-story/10


Batgirl issue 17

This is the first issue that isn’t written by Gail Simone, and the story goes down hill instantly.  The aftermath of Death of The Family bring Batgirl face-to-face with her brother, but it’s a disappointed one.  I’ve been looking forward to see the psychotic James Gordon Jr. ever since his first appearance in the New 52, but so far he doesn’t do much.  Sure he kills some thugs, but it justified his behaviors at all.  The narration of the story is annoying as well.  It’s really hard to read a comic when the narration is from the third person’s point of you, and it isn’t until the end of the story we learn that the narrator is James Jr.  I really can’t wait for Gail Simon to return, and hopefully the story will pick up by then.

6 I-miss-Gail-Simone-already/10


Batman issue 17

Well, this is it!  The final issue of Death of The Family event.  I got to say, even though the ending is nothing like I predicted, it is still a terrific ending that has me craving for more.  As for what’s inside the silver platter? Man, that really has me pissing my pants when they have the big reveal.  Joker’s reasons for cutting off his face is answered as well.  While it might not big a strong reason in my opinion, it’s still justified.  The climate of the issue comes when Batman chases The Joker to the edge of the cliff and reveals that he knows The Joker’s name all this time as well.  But when Batman is about to tell the name to him, Joker chooses to jump off the cliff before he can hear it.  God damn it!  It just shows that Joker doesn’t really care about “ture identity” at all.  As it shows by the end of the issues, when Bruce visits Joker at the asylum.  Even though Joker uses Batman Family’s true identity as a threat, but he can hardly give a damn.  This really throws off the classic Batman/Joker dynamic where fans always say that Batman and Joker are one coin two sides, on hiding behind a mask, the other hiding behind nothing.  Now maybe both of them are always hiding behind certain masks, while Batman accepts what’s under the mask, Joker couldn’t.  So as the result of this event, the entire Bat Family is now “dead”.  No one trust Bruce anymore, and Jason Todd won’t even bother with them.  So what exactly did Joker say to these kids to cause them this quiet?  Hopefully we can find out in near future.  And The Joker really has the last laugh, he gets what he wants and know the family is dead.

Hope to see the Joker again in the near future.

9.9 I’m-a-little-bitter-I didn’t-get-it-right/10


Batman And Robin issue 17

A cute one-shot issue.  There’s not a lot to say about this issue, but it’s a very cute and peaceful one.  Ever since the annual issue from few weeks back, I’m really loving this new approach for the series.  Back in the day when Grant Morrison runs the series, it’s full of fun little jokes as well, so I’m glad they’re returning to its roots.

Damian’s character really comes a long way since its first introduction to the DC world.  Now the bond between Batman and Robin is more solid than ever, it becomes harder for fans to see the possible fatality to Damian.  There’re many rumors that Gran Morrison is going to end Damian soon.  Well, only time can tell, right?

8.5 Batman-and-Robin/10


Batman: Li’l Gotham issue 5

This really is a very cute series.  Joker accidentally spills Poison Ivy’s potions all over himself, and causes all the woman in Gotham City to chase him.  We get to see villains and heroes alike just want a piece of Joker, and at the end is Batman who has to rescue The Joker out of this awkward situation.  It’s really weird to see The Joker in a light situation instead of a series like how he is in every other situations.  Hey, maybe it’s nice that Gotham can be cute like this.  Why can we all be friends?

9 fun-story/10


Injustice: Gods Among Us issue 5

This is a bizarre issue with a story between Green Arrow and Harley Quinn.  The story takes us away from Superman and Joker and to Green Arrow trying to hide Harley Quinn away from harm.  The story shows that Harley Quinn has a humane side, just like many of her counterparts.  The entire conversations between Green Arrow and Harley Quinn is just hilarious.  But the funnies moment in the issue is when Harley points out that Arrow Cave doesn’t make sense, and suggests The Quiver.  The ending where Harley Quinn wants Green Arrow to laugh mirrors when The Joker just wants Batman to laugh.  While two individuals have similar wishes, the reasons behind them are completely different.  One is a psycho maniac, while the other just purely want to cheer up.

The final page of the issue states that this is the end.  So no more Injustice before the actual game release date?

8.5 happy-ending/10


Suicide Squad issue 17

The new team is awesome.  I always like team comics and this is shaping up to be a pretty awesome one.  However, this issue really bugs me with all the Asian stereotypes.  Yes, all Asian female assassins dress like little school girls, and every single fucking Asians have two syllables names.  John Chang, Cho Chang, Jeff Chang and fucking Ni Ho!  No, fuck you!  My name is Nicholas and that’s already two syllables more without my last name.  Seriously!  What the heck world!

Yo-yo and Red Orchid’s origin have something to do with Brainiac attacking Metropolis in Action Comics is a good touch.  It really allows the reader to feel like the DC comics are connected.



Uncanny X-Men issue 1

The first issue of the brand-new Uncanny X-Men is finally here!  Sadly, the story doesn’t deliver the much impact I expected it would like All New X-Men.  The story shows that Magneto is the traitor of the group, and he really wants Cyclops to be taken down.  The story is a straight forward one, but I do not understand the art choices of Magneto- why is he bald?  In fact, I have problems with the art in general.  The story is already not a very solid one, and the art just comes as lazy.  It makes me don’t care about the story at all, and I have to take breaks between reading.  If it wasn’t for the horrible and lazy art, the issue might still be tolerable.

Anyway, while this issue might not be a solid one, I’m still intrigue on what’s happening next.  Hopefully the art picks up in the next issue.

8 X-Men-is-back-bitches/10


The Walking Dead issue 107

Well, that was anti-climatic.  Last issue we have Negan telling Rick that he did something to Carl, but this issue we find out that it was all a lie.  Not only he didn’t do anything with Carl, but he’s coming off as a “pretty decent” guy!  I was disappointed to find that nothing has happened to Carl- it’s not like I really want him to die, mind you.  But I just don’t like it when writers don’t have the balls on making bold decisions.  Especially after all the hype on Carl’s possible death.  Now it’s just a gimmick to sell more copies.  All appointments aside, this is still a decent issue.  I only hope that next month when Ezekiel appears it won’t be a disappointment once again.

7.5 disappointment/10


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