A Good Day to Die Hard Reviews


I’m a big Die Hard fan.  The series is perhaps the only action movies I will openly admit that I like.  So you will know how disappointed I was when the movie turns out to be a mindless cluster-fuck that’s no different than Fast and the Furious series, or G.I. Joe.

I always like the series because it’s about an Average Joe being put into crazy situations.  Despite the fact that he is under-qualified for the events, he always manages to find a way out of it while kicking some serious ass.  This movie is nothing like the previous films- it has John volunteering to the dangerous situation like a gun crazy asshole.  Just because he keeps on saying he’s on vacation, it doesn’t stop him from entering into troubles.  Only Americans can go to others’ countries and wreck them, right?  Anyway, I always like this series because it’s different than other action movie.  You can actually feel the main character is really in a tide spot that he has to think hard to get out off.  This movie is nothing like the previous film, and I thought I was just watching an action movie starring Bruce Willis until he yells out Yippi Ki-Yay motherfucker.  But still, it could be another movie just using the catchphrase.  The movie also lack some of the certainty the other Die Hard movies have.  Every Die Hard movies always have an elevator scene, where John McClane has to somehow utilize an elevator.  This movie has a very short elevator scene, but it is hardly a plot device at all.  It’s just a awkward scene from A to B.  This movie also doesn’t have the underline theme of “Man VS. Technology.”  Ever single movies always have McClane questioning some technologies- either he doesn’t understand it, or the movie is plot around such technology.  However, that doesn’t happen in this movie.  There really isn’t any technology problems for McClane to face, and it just further pulls this movie away from being a Die Hard film.

Aside from the basic elements to make this a Die Hard film, the movie is bad also due to the horrible plot.  The movie has a very weak plot that’s difficult for the audience to care.  I don’t care about the plot, and I don’t even understand the plot either.  Not don’t understand cause I have a limited apprehending skill, but don’t understand as not interested.  I know plots are not action movie’s strongest suit (that’s what I said about comedy films- what movie should have plot has strongest suit these days?) but seriously, can a movie has any less plot?  While lacking in plot, the movie tries to make it up by adding unnecessary father/son relationship.  Every time when John McClane and Jr. start bickering about their relationship, I just have goosebumps.  I watch this movie for John McClane being awesome, I don’t care about his fuck-up relationship with his son.  Also, the movie pulls a classic victim turns out to be the evil mastermind twist.  Didn’t we see this too often already?  You know a plot is bad when they have a twist and no body gives a damn.

The only redeemable part of the movie is the actions, but it can still be a little too much.  Too far-fetched.  My favorite part is when the villain falls off the building a-la Hans Gruber from the first movie, but ending up chop into pieces by the tailspin of the helicopter.  Also when the hot Russian chick tries to end things by crushing the helicopter into the building just to see both Papa and Son McClane jump off the building already.  Shit~ was on her face.

Hey, while I don’t like this movie as a Die Hard series, it’s still an okay movie if you’re willing to view this as just a regular action film.

Score 6/10


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