My TMNT Haul!

I bought these yesterday!



Dogpound, Fishface and the Mutagen from the newest TMNT cartoon series.  Dogpound and Fishface are essentially the Rocksteady and Bebop for the new series.  And those of you who haven’t seen the newest cartoon yet, go see it.  It really is the BEST cartoon on TV right now.


This is Dogpound.  Perhaps my favorite character in the show because he’s just too cute!  The figure captures the cuteness of the character, and at the same time, it shows the character’s toughness of begin a giant dog.  It has enough articulation for Dogpound to make awesome poses.


It wasn’t until I got the figure I notice that this guy’s left arm is wayyyy bigger than his right.  Sadly, the figure I got has some bad paint job and it’s chipping away already.  Sad day.  But overall, it’s still a very good figure, and it’s definitely a steal for $10.

Next up is Fishface!


Fishface figure is not as articulated as the Dogpound figure.  It’s because it is a very skinny figure, and it doesn’t have many places for articulation.  However, the figure has a better paint job than the Dogpound figure, and the scale on it is just fun to stroke it.  My biggest problem is the metal knees it has and I just hope it can bend.  And take a look at this:


The device here is how Fishface is able to survive on land.  In the show it is full of water, but here it only shows plastic.  It would be cool if that can give it a more “hydra” feel to it, but heck, I get what I get.  It is still an awesome figure.



The Mutagen!  When I was a kid, there was a 80s cartoon version of this and I always want it.  I never got a chance and when I saw this yesterday, I know I have to get it.  Make-up for my lost youth.  The Mutagen is just the average goo thingy that usually seen with toy.  The surprise is inside cause it comes with a mini turtle


The 80s version comes with a mini turtle, and this is the main reason I want it back in the days as well.  I don’t know why, but there’s just something about a mini turtle inside Mutagen that I find intriguing.


Isn’t that just adorable?  I didn’t know baby turtles comes with their eye-band and weapons ready.

And some extra pics:


oh no! Mutagen is out! Back off!


Battle Royale!




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