The Walking Dead “Home” Reviews

While the episode might start off slow, it sure picks up towards the end.  Man, was that a good episode or what?

Rick is going to dark places.  His actions only put himself and others into more dangers- leaving the gate open cause he’s hallucinating his dead wife is not the best thing to do while walkers are around.  At least he comes clean with Hershel, a little bit of hope left in this character.  I hope.

It’s good that Hershel continues to be the wise ole man character where the group goes to for advice.  A character like this is well needed in a chaotic world where people’s morale are questioned.  Glenn’s coming up as the one in charge is awesome, while it might be temporary.  Good to see that Michonne is starting to live up to her reputation from her comic counterpart.  Not only she slashes and dices some walkers up, she also (for the first time) speaks up and chips in to help the group.  And with what she did at the end of the episode?  She certainly bought her ticket to stay with the group.

There’s nothing big happening in Woodburry this week.  The only thing interesting is that The Governor might not trust Andrea as much as he’s showing her.  While the Governor claims that Andrea is in charge, it turns out just a tactic for him to keep her around.  And Andrea is right to worry that The Governor is missing.  We’ll talk more about that later.

A big story this episode is the relationship between the Dixon brothers.  Believe it or not, this is the first time these two characters sharing scenes ever, apart from the time Daryl hallucinates his brother.  We learn how much Daryl has grown since his brother last seen him.  Sometimes Merle doesn’t even recognize Daryl anymore because he had turned into such a compassionate character.  And while Daryl knows that it’s the right thing to be with his brother, but he can’t help it but to leave him again.  He’s not the same character that his brother used to know, and he can’t stand his brother’s asshole and selfishness.  Even though he’s walking way, but it’s Merle who’s leaving again.  Classic!

A little side note on that Spanish peaking family the Dixon brothers rescued.  Shit, can that family be anymore ungrateful?  I know you shouldn’t trust strangers when you’re in a world like this, but damn!  A little thank you wouldn’t hurt at all.  And like Daryl said, speak English!  This is a world where misunderstanding is not allowed at all, and it really wouldn’t hurt to learn the universal language.

Axel might be cheesy in this episode, but it’s cute to see him working his charms on Carol.  I like Carol and Daryl combination, but it would be cute to see Axel and Carol together.  Just when I’m thinking about this, Axel took a bullet in the head.  He died the same way his comic counterpart did- an unexpected death.  The Governor is attacking the prison!  I know this retaliation is coming, but I have no idea that it will come this soon.  This is why season 3 is awesome, because they don’t hold back plots at all.  It’s brutal that Axel is shot multiple times after his death, but it saves Carol’s life.  The walker bomb concept is the coolest thing in the show so far.  A truck drives into the prison, and dozens of walkers walk out of it?  Man, that’s genius!  I will sure to remember that the next when I want to bring down a prison full of survives in a zombie Apocalypse.

So The Governor attacked and left the prison a mess, and hopefully this will be a wake-up call for Rick.  Also, while I’m not a big fan of Merle, it would be nice if he can have a change of heart and helps out around prison.  With T-Dog and now Axel gone, we can really use more muscle around the prison.  Mentioning muscle, I hope we get to see Tyreese and his group again soon.  Where can they be?

Score: 8.8/10


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