Comics Reviews 2-20-2013

I review comic books every week!  This week I review comics from DC, Marvel and Shonen Jump’s One Piece .  In alphabetical order.


Action Comics issue 17

After two extra weeks of waiting, Action Comics issue 17 is finally comes out and it does not disappoint.  This issue continues to tie up loose ends in Grant Morrison’s run on the series, and some confusing plots are begin to have answers.  However, while question are answered, the issue lack story progress.  It’s a good touch to have the citizens of Metropolis to help out Superman, but overall the story is not enough to make this a strong issue.  It’s might also be because the story was split into two issues, so all the juicy stories are in the next issue.

The strongest part of this issue is the back-up.  The back-up is a cute story between Superman and his father.  While the narration method of the story is questionable, it is still a very cute, very heartwarming story.  It’s funny how Action Comics usually has stronger back-ups than the main story.  Can’t wait for the epic (I hope) conclusion next week



Birds of Prey issue 17

Whoa, so other than the obvious, no one else notice that Black Canary is the one losing control?  It is really annoying that Strix is the only one found out about this, but she cannot talk!  To make things worst, no one notices when she writes thing down on the ground.  Come on, it’s like one of those children in horror movies that no one believes.  Strix attempt to kill Black Canary is just stupid.  And Black Canary’s lame excuse?  Yeah, I’m sure Strix just dropped the killer robot thingy, girl.  While I always like Superhero team stories, I can really say this is one of the dumbest, and most untrustworthy team ever.  The final panel where Black Canary has a stupid smile on her face makes me want to puke.  What’s she smiling about after she looses control like that?

4/10- if this series don’t pick up soon, I’m going to stop buying it.


Green Lantern issue 17

So after the epic conclusion of Rise of the Third ArmyWrath of the First Lantern begins.  And it already deliver some promising story line.  First Lantern turns out to be a strong character with strong desire- he want the Guardians to return to their emotional-selves.  To me, it seems like DC is trying to clean up some mistakes Johns done on the Green Lantern series-  like taking away Ganthet’s emotion.  Meanwhile, The First Lantern is running low on energy and he is going to steal energy from one of the active Green Lanterns.  While it seems like the First Lantern will visit Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner in their own titles, but I doubt anything will really happen.  It’s been a thing in DC these days that nothing really major happens anyway so while it’s intriguing to pick up those titles, but I’m going to save my money for now.  Now that Simon Baz is stuck in the Black Ring as well, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.



Injustice: Gods Among Us

Ha ha, so it turns out that there’s going to be more Injustice comics.  I really don’t know why last issue has an END at the last panel then.  But it doesn’t matter because I really like this series, and I’m glad there’s more going.  This issue has Superman making public declare that he is not going to allow bad things to happen anymore… This issue might be as eventful as the past ones, but it’s an important stepping stone to where Superman is going to become.  It gives me chills to see Superman this way.



Justice League issue 17

This issue concludes the cross-over event.  While this might not be the strongest cross-over event, it is a great story with many things comes out of it.  1). Aquaman is the king of Atlantis again.  2). Orm is arrested and dubbed Ocean Master.  3). Justice League is officially opening their ranks for new member.  4). A villain is also forming a team as well.  This is why Justice League is the flagship title of New 52- every time an event happens, something awesome always comes up of it.  This issue might not have the strongest story, but it’s the final pages that make this once again another strong issue.



Justice League of America issue 1

A long awaited, highly anticipated title.  And I’m glad to see that the wait does not go to waste.  The core concept of the series is simple- the U.S. Government wants a team of heroes that will answer to them, so they decide to group some B list heroes together whom they can easily control.  The issue might be a little slow though, since this is the first issue Johns wants to establish who’s joining the team, and why they’re joining the team.  While the issue might not have enough space to include why most of the heroes are joining the team, it does focus on some of the most trouble characters such as Vibe, Catwoman and Martian Manhunter.

This is also the first introduction of Star Girl to the New 52 world.  While it not be enough of her yet for me to determine, but she seems like an interesting character.  The issue also shines some light on the Secret Society, and it seems like a war is just around the corner.  Also, the revelation at the end of the issue is a shocking one.  Does this mean that Trevor and Green Arrow are secretly working together?  We shall find out.
So along with the Justice League of AmericaVibe also released this week.  While Vibe was a joke character before New 52, this Vibe is actually interesting and fun to read.  In fact, I think I enjoy this title more than Justice League of America.  The origin might be a typical one, but it certainly allows me to “feel” for the character.  His vibration power is no longer limited to shock people (maybe pleasure himself?), he can also vibrate through different dimensions!  The possibility of this is just vast.  Maybe a chance for the old DC universe to return?  Nah, I’m just kidding, but I do hope DC set the new world a lot better though.  Anyway, the final panel revels that Darkseid has a daughter, and he will be back for her soon.
After a week of absent, One Piece is finally back!  “Morning paper” is a chapter that takes the story one giant step forward, and shakes the world of One Piece.  Doflamingo is no longer a Shichibukai, which they can never complete that magical number 7, and Law’s alliance with Luffy is heard by the government.  This is a big deal because if Law is not careful, his alliance with Luffy might cause him his Shichibukai title as well.  I think most people are angry with the fact that Momonosuke gets to bath with Robin, right?  I actually don’t really care cause only thing that matter to me with One Piece these days are the plots.  The chapter ends with Law giving Doflamingo another phone call, can’t wait to see what’s in store next.
Whoa, I though I was reading a Wonder Woman title, and I notice the story isn’t as good, so it has to be a Supergirl title.  Anyway, this issue has Wonder Woman fighting Supergirl.  While both my be equally match in strength, it was Wonder Woman’s victory as she’s more experience.  I’m glad that Supergirl is coming to her sense, because this entire thing with H’el is getting annoying.  Just when I was thinking about that, H’el has to come out of no where and ruins things for everyone.  I really like the Supergirl title, and I can’t wait the cross-over event to be over so I can go back to enjoy this title the way it is.
This is a fun issue with Doc Ock going crazy that Peter Parker is not a doctor.  It is funny how much it bothers him, and it possible that when Parker returns he might have a doctor degree waiting for him.  Massacre’s return to the series is cool.  He’s always been an interesting character to explore on.  While the villains of the city are afraid of the newly improved Spider-Man, only one villain can take him down and that’s Green Goblin.
This issue has Wonder Woman teams up with her former teacher- War.  While our heroes are closer to finding Zola’s daughter, Wonder Woman is further away from discovering herself.  I’m kind of tired with the fact that they’re under using Orion.  He is such an interesting character, but DC really needs to make him more important than he is right now.  This issue ends with Wonder Woman comes face to face with the baby’s kidnapper and I can’t wait to see what they’ve store next.
8.2/ 10

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