The Walking Dead: “I Ain’t a Judas” Reviews

So the episode title is about Andrea, huh?  Well, once that becomes clear, the episode isn’t so interesting.  I always like Andrea in comic- she’s useful, smart, confident and nothing like her TV counterpart.  Enough to say, this episode is one of the most frustrated one to watch ever.

Andrea decides to sneak away from Woodburry, so she can find out what her prison friends have become.  After our main characters have told her that The Governor shoot first, killing Axel and sent out Merle to kill Michonne, I don’t understand how Andrea can still believe The Governor is a good person.  Especially seeing that he had fish tanks of walker heads as collection.  But hey, she’s Andrea, not the sharpest tool.

It’s still good to see Andrea reunite with our main character.  It’s like almost a year since these characters last seen each others, so the emotional reunion is necessary.  It’s interesting to note that Shane is the first character Andrea asks for due to their relationship.  They boned.  For a moment there I’m really wishing Andrea can just wake the fuck up and start buying her ticket back to our main characters like Merle is doing.   One thing I don’t like is how Andrea jumps between characters, talking to them briefly and the scene moves on.  The one between Andrea and Michonne is the one that just happens too quick, and ends too quick.  The two share more time together than Andrea did with everyone else.

It’s bizarre how Carol tells Andrea to use her vagina first, then kill The Governor.  Is it because she wants Andrea to have The Governor’s guard down?  If that’s the case, why not just have her make out with him or something.  Or is it because Carol really wants The Governor to have a good time before his death for good measurement.  I guess we will never find out due to he pussy-out.  And good job telling The Governor Merle and Michonne are both in the prison  Andrea!  I don’t know what I expect more from you anymore.

Tyreese’s group is back this week, but they end up in Woodburry   I guess rumors that Tyreese was going to be a Woodburry citizen is half-true now.  It’s sad that Rick’s group has to loose such wonderful reinforcement, but it’s not like anyone can really blame those people for helping out Woodburry.  If I was chase out of a place by a gun-wielding crazy asshole, I wouldn’t want to help them either.  I can really express how annoying this is for me, because I’m such a big fan of Tyreese in comic and I’m really hoping he can be a great help for Rick’s group.

Another big story is Merle’s stay in the prison.  While I’m not a big fan of Merle, he’s starting to warm-up to me.  I’m always a big fan of Rick’s group as a big family, so after the recent lost of Axel, Oscar, T-Dog, Lori… etc, we can really have some new blood to increase this family again.  Beside, we need more muscle to fight off The Governor anyway.  It’s cute to see how much Merle tries to change for his place in the group, so it would be really fuck up if it turns out he’s secretly working for The Governor or something.  Also, this is really not fair for Glenn- it would be pretty fuck up to have Shane live with them after he tried to kill Rick.

So this is just an okay episode.  It is kind of fun to see how the pet walkers are created though.  Anyway, I’m not a big fan of this Andrea, and hopefully next week will be better.

Oh, and Beth, I really love you and all, but if you don’t stop singing you will for sure be the next one to go.



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