Comics Reviews 2-27-2013

Hello blog readers, due to time management, I decided to only review the comics that I really want to review. Also, it’s a way to guarantee quality reviews. Here goes:


Batman Incorporated issue 8

So DC gone and one it- the first major death in New 52. There was a rumor for the longest time that Damian Wayne was going to die in The Death of The Family event, and when no one died people thought Damian was safe. Little do they know that he’s going die a few weeks later in Batman Incorporated instead. To be honest, I already know that Damian can’t die in Death of The Family event, because Grant Morrison always says that he has things planned for Damian. So it would be really screw-up if someone other writer killed him off instead.

This is actually not a very strong issue despite the eventful death. The fight between our heroes and the enemies is a rushed one, and it feels like that Morrison just wants to force the story to the final confrontation between Robin and his evil clone. The confrontation is of course, a sad and tearful one with Robin pleading his mother to stop the evil clone. Not to overlook that the only reason Robin would die is because he tries to save the girl from being killed in the first place. This character really comes a long from a troubled assassin boy to a kind-heart superhero. Especially in the recent issues of both Batman Incorporated and Batman and Robin, we get to see how much he is trying, and how much he just wants his father’s approval and love- something he can’t get from his mother.

Let’s not forget that Nightwings also shares a moment with Damian as well. Remembering the days when Damian was the Robin to Nightwing’s Batman. It really was a time when Damian first started to grow in many readers’ hearts.

From 2006-2013, we will always remember you, Damian Wayne. And hope you make a return one day.



One Piece Chapter 700

The big 700! With past experiences, One Piece usually has big revelation in their “hundreds” titles. “His Own Pace” is no different than others. While the revelation might not be as strong as past ones, this is still a superb chapter.

We learn a lot of things this chapter. First of all, there’s a freelance reporter named Absa in the series. And from the little Easter egg in the panel, we can guess that Absa is actually Absalom. it seems like he’s finally using his fruit power to good use.
Second, the confirmation that Buggy the Clown is a Shichibukai. Well, it’s not too much a revelation to most people, because all the good One Piece fans already guessed Buggy is a Shichibukai now. It would be a surprise if Buggy is not. Anyway, Doflamingo’s epithet is also revealed to be Ten Yasha- Sky Demon. It’s probably referred to the fact that Doflamingo can “walk” in the air. One Shichibukai is still remain unknown, and there’re rumors that Wapol will be the final Shichibukai. While I’m not a fan at all to this theory, it would be kinda fun to see that happen. But still, I’m not a fan at all.
Last, it’s revealed that Doflamingo is in possession of Ace’s Devil Fruit- The Flame-Flame Fruit. We already know that once a Devil Fruit User died, the closet fruit next to him/her will become the Devil Fruit with the same power. However, there’s still the possibility that the Devil Fruit is synthetic. A point I have to make clear is that I don’t believe Luffy will be affected by this at all. He will feel something at first of course, but he will not break the alliance with Law. He’s man like that.
Now Straw Hat Crew and friends arrived the next island, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next. Can’t wait for next week.
I’m actually very disappointed with this series. This is the flagship title for the entire Marvel Now moments, and it can’t keep itself being interesting. While New 52’s flagship Justice League is still strong as ever. I really don’t see how Marvel gets to make fun of DC at all sore loser.
The fight between our heroes and Red Skull feels like a lazy one with too many repeated actions. Red Skull is killing Rogue, so Havok comes out to stop him. Now Havok is being controlled by Red Skull just to have Captain America to come out and stop him again? The final speech Havok gives to the brain-washed civilians are lazy as well. Shouldn’t a speech like this make people feel like “yeah, thing are going to be alright.” I don’t feel that at all. All I feel is “hey, this guy is running away from his problems.”
The art is getting really bad, too. I do not like the way he draws his characters, and the little homage to Days of Future Past is just a desperate cry for me. We all know that the next X-Men movie is based on Days, so to me this is an unnecessary way this title tries to milk the money out of it. Next month is a brand-new story, so I will give that a try. But if things don’t pick up by then, I will stop reading this series.
While I’m going to review other titles, there are some interesting things in them. The Flash issue 17 finally shows a glimpse of Reverse Flash in the final panel. Also, Uncanny X-Men issue 2 is setting up a big fight between the Avengers and Cyclops’ X-Men. It seems like the Avengers is getting busy with X-Men, cause they’re set to appear in next week’s All New X-Men as well.

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