The Walking Dead: “Clear” Reviews


“Clear” is a simple episode.  With the fewest cast members appear in an episode (only 4), “Clear” is very similar to “18 Miles Out” from the previous season.  And like “18 Miles Out,” this is one of the strongest episode of the season.

Morgan makes a return in this episode.  He might not be an important character, but he’s one of the most remarkable character in the series, being the first person Rick encountered in the zombie world and the person Rick promises to go back to.  It’s sad to see that Morgan is broken down and essentially a psychopath from Dead Rising.  I read the comic series, and knew that Morgan joins the group.  So when I first learn that Morgan is going to make an appearance in season 3, I was hoping that Rick will ask Morgan to join his group as well.  That idea soon died away when I see how fuck-up Morgan became in the TV series  and I pray to god that Rick never ask him to come with him.  If anything, thank god Morgan has enough senses left to say no.  Damn, it would be a whole kind of different adventure if Morgan really comes along with the group.  While one man lost everything, the other only lost so little compare to it.  It’s very sad how Duane died in the TV series, and it was nothing like this in the comic.  To see your own son being eaten by your zombie wife is understandable why Morgan turn out the way he did.

If anything, Rick’s entire encounter with Morgan should be enough of a wake-up call for him.  Morgan is what Rick will become if Rick continues to dwell in sorrow, and Rick knows it.  This seems like the end of Rick’s crazy, and hopefully it stays that way.  It’s a great touch having Michonne telling Rick that she’s been seeing her dead boyfriend as well.  Not only it helps Rick with his problem, it also brings the classic Michonne from the comic to the series.

Michonne is once again wonderful in this episode.  If anything, she’s getting better and closer to her awesome comic book counterpart as episodes progress.  There are many moments in this episodes I just love about Michonne.  She’s eating Morgan’s food and makes that little comment about “Welcome” on the mat.  She desperately wants to help Carl just shows how much she cares, and how she’s a character full of heart.  Finally, that little moment where she picks up that strange looking cat thing and calls it “gorgeous.”  Carl’s “are you serious ” face was priceless as well.  With the way the writers have been writing about Michonne, she is pretty much the same lovable character from the comic series already.  For that, I thank you writers.

Carl is the hero of the episode.  The whole time his agenda to bring pictures of their mother to his baby sister is just touching.  He’s no longer that old Carl who gets everyone in trouble, but a warrior who can stand his own ground.  While he does have the problem of doing things by himself, I think he learns the lesson in this episode that it’s okay to ask people for help every once in a while.  I especially enjoy the scene where he basically apologizes to Morgan for shooting him, and Morgan tells him don’t be sorry.  For a moment there I though Morgan was going to slap Carl… Anyway, I really like Carl and I’m glad to see him turning into such a wonderful character.  Best child character in TV!

By the way, what’s up with those GIANT rats Carl uses to lure walkers away.  Shit, are all rodents in the south that big?  That’s the most disgusting I’ve seen in this show, and I seen a fat walker broken apart in a well before.


And how about that poor hitchhiker?  I understand that it’s not the safe thing to do anymore to invite strangers into your group, but poor guy.  While it might be cold blooded, the guy was kind of annoying with his persistence.  It’s the end of the world, for god’s sake, no one is entitled to help anyone in this world.  The final scene where the guy is completely devoured and our heroes picking up his backpack is kind of cool, I’m not gonna lie.  I mean, why wasting completely good supplies?

Another strong episode for the wonderful series.  It’s episode like this that shows how Walking Dead is not a show about killing and blood, but people and character.

Score: 9.5/10


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