Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition Unboxing


I just received my copy in the mail!!!  And I want to do a quick unboxing before I play the game.  So here we go–


The collector’s edition comes in a very beautiful tin box.  It’s a a survivor’s kit and I’m ready to go on my own adventure.


Removing the sleeve reveals the tin box in its completion.  It also comes with an art book.


And here’s the game!  I’m glad it comes with the game case.  I’m a collector, so I always appreciate having the game case.


DLC codes, soundtracks and collection arts are included as well.


A poster is included in the package as well.  And at the back of the poster is:


A map of the game!  I’m sure this will come in handy later.  And now the absolute epicness–


The Play Arts Kai figure!  The main reason I ordered the collector’s edition!



This is at the bottom of the box, some badges.  More importantly:


The figure is kind of hard to stand because Lara has a ridiculous posture.  However, I soon figure out how to let it stand perfectly with the awesome articulation of a Play Art Kai figure.


Spare parts are some hands, gun and weapons.  Can’t wait to try them out later.


The figure is great!  You can pose all kind of awesome poses being that the figure is a Play Arts Kai.  I really like the figure and the box set, so I’m going to give them both a 10/10!  The first ever in history of The Good Kind of Geek.

I’m going to play the game now.  I will do another review for the game later after I’ve done enough play through.  Stay tuned!


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