Thursday Rants- One Piece: Who’s Fujitora?

Last week’s One Piece chapter 700 introduces us to a new character- Fujitora.  Apparently, Fujitora is a Marine officer strong enough for Sakazuki to trust him to take care of the Law and Luffy alliance.


Sakazuki sending Fujitora to take care of business

So who the heck is this Fujitora?  From past experiences and hints on the name, this Fujitora guy is most likely the newest Admiral.After Kuzan left the Marine and Sakazuki became the newest Fleet Admiral, it’s only a matter of time before the Marine found replacements for the Admiral positions.  As of why I think this Fujitora is the newest Admiral?  Well, the clue is in the name already.

Fujitora or 藤虎 means “Purple Tiger” in Japanese.  This is similar to code names given to Admirals:  Aokiji (青雉), Kizaru (黄猿) and Akainu (赤犬).  Which means, Blue Pheasant, Yellow Monkey and Red Dog.  The similarity of “color + animal” should be enough proof that Fujitora is the newest Admiral.

There’s a high possibility that the “blind man” from the newest chapter is Fujitora.


Why?  because the other similarity the Admirals shared- they’re all based on classic Japanese actors.  This character is most likely based on Shintaro Katsu (勝 新太郎) and his appearance in the movie The Tale of Zatoichi Continues (続・座頭市物語), where he also plays a blind swordsman.

Here’s a pic for little comparison:

2013030711079Also from the previous chapter, Sakazuki mentioned that he already sent out Fujitora to Dressrosa, so the timing matched as well.

However, this does bring up the problem with his ability.  All the Admirals have Logia type powers that matches their color scheme- Aokiji’s ice is blue, Kizaru’s light is yellow and Akainu’s lave is read.  So far this guy shows he has the ability to manipulate gravity, and I don’t know how that power is going to work for purple.  And if his power really is about gravity, I also have no idea how that is supposed to be Logia type either.  But heck, just because a person is Admiral doesn’t mean he has to follow Oda’s old rules.  Look at the animal theme in Shichibukai, now Buggy is a Shichibukai but there’s no animal theme in him.  Or maybe I just completely wrong and this guy is not Fujitora at all.  But I’m 100% sure whoever Fujitora is, he is an Admiral.

Since we have a monkey and a tiger now in the Admiral group, let’s guess what the final animal will be.  We all know that the previous Admirals are based on the Momotarō legends where there’s a pheasant, monkey and dog.  So I think it’s safe to assume that the newest Admirals are going to have a common animals theme as well.  So what Japanese legend has both a monkey and a tiger?  I googled it and found a legendary Japanese monster called Nue (鵺) and it says to have a head of a monkey, a legs of a Tiger and body of a raccoon dog, or tanuki!  Can it be the next admiral be something color + tanuki?  Only time will tell us.


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  1. I agree that trio will be based on Nue, therefore I think Sakazuki is still the third member since Brannew didn’t call him fleet admiral but just admiral. Since he is the fleet admiral he might just have restructured the marines organization and might just have abolished the ranks between admirals.


  2. How about the tail ? In Nue, its tail is a snake. It is described as having the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and a snake as a tail Am I right ?


  3. You don’t have to be Logia to be an Admiral; Sengoku was a Mythical Zoan, Z had no Fruit powers and Garp should have been an Admiral (no DF powers either) if he hadn’t refused promotion. Granted, none of them are current Admirals but they have been (or considered to be, in Garp’s case) at least. I’m more surprised none of the Vice Admirals from two years ago seemed to have been promoted to Admiral.


  4. On how gravity fits with the purple theme: I’ve heard that the color purple is commonly attributed to gravity in Japan.



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