Monday Rants- Pokemon Adventure


Pokemon Adventure, or Pokemon Special in Japan is an on-going manga series published by Shogakukan.  This series is considered the flagship title among all the Pokemon manga series due to its faithfulness to the video game series.  Even Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri states that the the comic is most resemble to the world he was trying to convey.  I feel the same way too, and this is easily the only Pokemon media I like.

The stories closely follow the video game franchise, meaning that every few volumes it switches the main characters to represent the current video game generations.  For example, the series starts off with main character Red from the game Pokemon Red and Blue.  Later the main characters switch to a girl named Yellow because of the game Pokemon Yellow, switch to a boy named Gold from Pokemon Gold and so on.  While there are different main characters through out different chapters, the author Hidenori Kusaka manages to link the story together in a way that doesn’t make us feel far-fetched.  I especially enjoy his explanations on some of the key events in video games when he translates them to linear story format.  One concept I enjoy the most from the series is the actual usage of HM and TM machines.  There’re story where the main character Red has to find corresponding HMs so he can advance to the next area.  A close idea to how the video game is, and it’s a concept I’m glad the author carries over.

My knowledge of the series only last until the 3rd generation story- Right around where the Emerald chapter ends.  I would really like to use the Sticky DOT app as an opportunity to further explore the series.  One thing I learn is that for remake of the games such as Fire red and Leaf Green, the series also has manga chapters about them as well.  I really like this because it keeps the format consistent, and we get a chance to revisit the old characters.

One question I have with the series is why does the author decide to give Red a Bulbasaur, when Charmander fits better with Red’s color?  Beside, Red borrows Charizard from his rival countless times throughout the story anyway.  It feels like a short-sight from the author and he knows it.  It’s a pity, but it doesn’t make the series any worse.  In fact, it becomes a good friendship story between the rivals.

If you’re a big fan of the Pokemon video games, you would want to check out the series.  You will not regret it.


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