The Walking Dead: “Arrow on the Doorpost” Reviews


For a episode that doesn’t have a lot going on, “Arrow on the Doorpost” is an intense episode.  We finally have the meeting between Rick and The Governor, and it was one that sets tons of things to come.

Both Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey did a good job in this episode’s performance.  Throughout the scenes, I can really feel the characters’ urges to just shoot each others on the spot instead of the meaningless talking.  From the moment we see The Governor is hiding a gun under the table, the meeting is already pointless- The Governor has no intention to leave Rick and his people alone at all.  And that story about his wife?  Don’t listen to it Rick!  He’s just trying to trick you!  I was a little sacred when The Governor says that all he wants is Michonne.  I know Rick’s not going to give up Michonne, but I though then he’s going to offer his hand in exchange like in the comic or something.  I should know better though, because that wouldn’t make a damn sense at all.  Anyway, did you guys know that Robert Kirkman once says that he regrets ever cutting off Rick’s hand in the comic?  And he also states that the TV series should be him fixing mistakes he made 5, 6 years ago.  So if anything, I think we don’t have to worry about Rick losing his hand anytime soon.


The episode also offers a fun interactions between Rick’s people and The Governor’s people.  At first I was really mad at Martinez for calling Daryl pussy, but he turns out to be a pretty okay guy.  It would be interesting that during the upcoming war Daryl and Martinez somehow end up facing each other.  I wonder how that will play out.

Hershel and Milton’s conversation is just hilarious!  I love it when Milton asks to see Hershel’s leg, and Hershel jokingly says that he needs to buy him a drink first.  What a wonderful moment.

Andrea is as horrible as ever.  Starts off with interrupting the meeting, to going back with The Governor after talking to Hershel, the girl is just a bucket full of dumb.  If she doesn’t shape-up and do what she has  to do (killing The Governor), then there’s no redemption for the character at all.  Mentioning redemption, it seems like Milton might actually do the job and kill The Governor himself.  That would be interesting to watch.

The prison story is fun as well.  It’s good to see Glenn being the man himself and fights Merle.  I was really scare though, because of Merle’s knife hand.  I though he is going to accidentally stab himself or Glenn.  Thank god for Beth, huh?  That’s really awesome of her in this episode.  I hope she doesn’t die

The sex Maggie and Glenn had on the dirty prison floor?  Ew, can you be anymore inappropriate?

The final juxtaposition between the two groups is cool.  While both leaders lied to their group, it’s Rick who has the good intention of making it a white lie.  Both groups are ready, and a war is happening in the final 3 episodes.



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