Viz Sticky DOT App Reviews


What is Sticky DOT?

Sticky DOT is a comic app launched by Viz Media, the biggest manga distributor and licencor in North America.  So what’s the differences between this app and Viz’s flagship app?  Well, this app only offers manga titles suitable for kids.


The titles in the initial launch include Pokemon Adventure and that’s the only one I care about.  Seriously, I only use this app because I love the series so much.  Anyway, the app’s design is similar to the regular Viz app, but with a more friendly yellow color.  And of course, this app also comes with the same kind of bugs that Viz app has.  The comic freezes, and you have to restart the app…etc.  Viz can really learn a thing or two from Comixology, but then again, they’re not perfect either.  With that in mind, I do have some complains for improving this freshman app:

1). Log-in features: The lack of log-in for this app scares me.  I’m afraid I will lose all the comics I purchased if I delete the app.  But again, this app is only available for iOS right now, so maybe the iTunes account memorized the purchases already.  But before that’s certain, I’m not deleting this app at all.

2). Share with Viz app: Again, this has to do with the log-in.  It would be nice that Viz does what Comixology does and allow the readers to read all their comics in the flagship app.  For example, other than the Comixology app, Comixology also released specific apps such as  DC, Marvel or The Walking Dead only apps.  And at the same time, all the purchases are shared in the same account, and readers can read them all in the Comixology app.  I’m pretty sure that Viz is going to allow log-in for the Sticky DOT app soon.  I just hope when it does, it allows us to read Sticky DOT manga on the Viz app.

3). Digital manga release dates: I hope we have a certain release calendar for the digital manga.  It seems like Pokemon Adventure: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum released volume 7 already, but the digital version is only on volume 4. So it would be pretty nice if we can get a clear release calendar for the titles.  The app came out last Tuesday, so hopefully new issues will be update tomorrow.  That way at least I know they update their inventory every Tuesday.

Overall, the app is awesome because it offers the Pokemon Adventure series.  I only hope everything I stated earlier got fixed, and they gives us more Pokemon Adventure titles.



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