Comics Reviews 3-13-2013

This week I will review comics from DC, Marvel and Image’s The Walking Dead.  First off, cover of the week:


The perfect cover to show the loneliness of Batman in Batman And Robin.  I mean, can you get any sadder than having only Batman on a series titled Batman And Robin?  Anyway, onward with the reviews:


Avengers Arena issue 6

This is perhaps the best issue of Avengers Arena.  This issue is intense, exciting and features flashback of characters that actually have a solid backstory.  Anachronism is a character I know nothing about.  However, little hints throughout the story tells us a lot about him.  He used to be chubby, he has a crush on Nara…etc.  This are all small details that makes Anachronism a solid character.  I think I finally find a character I want to follow til the end of the story- and it takes me only 6 issues!

My favorite moment has to be the confrontation towards the end of the issue.  There’s no one anyone can read it without thinking someone is going to die.  The problem is just who and how.  It turns out my new favorite character cuts off my least favorite character’s head.  A perfect ending to an asshole character.  As of if he’s really dead or not, we will have to wait for next issue.



Batman issue 18

An issue that actually mourns the death of Damian.  Don’t get fool by both Detective Comics and Batgirl, cause none of them actually deal with Damian’s death.  This issue we experience Batman’s downfall from Harper Row’s point of view, and Batman is not doing dealing well with death at all.  This issue we also further explore Harper Row as a characters and we actually get to see her potential as a Robin.  I remember a while back I stated that I do not believe Harper’s ability as Robin, because I never seen her perform any actions but only her computer skills.  Now she shows that she’s a capable fighter, I really want her to be the newest Robin.

The back-up story is wonderful as well.  I like that Harper Row is the one that finally gives Batman the peace that he needed with Damian’s death.  It only means that the chance of her being the newest Robin is just higher now.

If she doesn’t become Robin, I’m sure she will become some sort of sidekick anyway.



The Walking Dead issue 108

We finally meet Ezekiel this issue!  And damn, he has a tiger!  I don’t think that’s a concept really explore in zombie Apocalypse genre before- how does carnivores do in a zombie world?  Do they eat the zombies?  I would like to think not cause those are rotten meat.

Anyway, just like the TV series, the comic series is also preparing for an all-out war. However, unlike the TV series’ pacing, the comic book series is pretty slow these days.  This is especially worst because we only get to read the comic once a month.

The idea that was introduced since  A Larger World is a good one.  I mean, it only makes senses that there are multiple communities out there other than Rick’s.  Now we’ve seen different kind of communities- the violence one, the peaceful one, the kingdom one and the one that’s in-between.  Who to say which community is right, or which one is wrong?

Dwight betrays Negan and joins Ezekiel and Rick.  From what we’ve seen in the series, I’m pretty sure that Dwight is being honest when he says he wants Negan dead.  But there’s still a small possible that he turns out to be a scumbag.  But only time will tell.

Next month features story of Maggie and Sophia.  We will see how that go.



After thoughts: The month’s Batman and Robin is worth mentioning.  The entire issue has no dialogue at all, but it’s still a solid issue.  This issue is the ultimate tribute to Damian, and now he can finally rest in peace.  Starting next month, Batman and Robin series is going to change the title to Batman and “___” for the next five months or so.  Hopefully that means by the sixth month, DC is going to find Batman a new Robin and the title will return to normal.


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