Wednesday Rants- Time Paradoxes in Back to the Future


Back to the Future franchise.  Not only it’s the best movie trilogy in the history, it’s also the best time travel movies ever.  Heck, I’ve even written a time travel script because I was so inspired by the series.  However, it doesn’t mean the franchise is perfect.  In fact, there are plenty of time travel paradoxes in this well-made time travel franchise.

Back to the Future: Marty went back to the past in the first movie.  During his adventure, Marty changes how his parents met and he returns to a present where his father is more confident, and they have a better life style than before.  However what I don’t understand is, how come Marty gets to come back to a present where everything is basically the same if some many things has changed?

If Marty’s parents have a better life style than before, what does Marty get to live exactly like he was before?  To be honest, I don’t think Marty has the same life at all.  In fact, I think Marty are two different characters now.  One’s the one we know from the adventure.  The other one is a new Marty with different experiences. Now our Marty is going to have a hard time with his family, because they most likely have different experiences.

Back to the Future II: In this movie, old Biff travels to the past and gives the 1955 self the Sports Almanac.  The action creates an alternate 1985 where things are chaotic.  However, how did old Biff manage to return to 2015?  According to the story, once the new timeline is created, they can’t go back to the original 2015.  Then how did old Biff return?

Back to the Future III: The main problem in the third film is that Marty and Doc. Brown don’t have gas for the Delorean to travel back to present.  The problems is, what can’t they just steal gas from the old Delorean?  Dig out the old Delorean, take the gas, leave a note stating they took the gas, travel back in time. Everything is great!  But no, they have to go through a long ordeal and almost have each others killed.  I know this is a popular scenario, and many people online have been talking about it already.  But I really do think this is doable.

I know there are more problems in the Back to the Future franchise, but I don’t want to keep on repeat the popular problems people have been posting online already.  These are just some of the smaller, not as obvious plot-holes I want to mentioned.  Hope you enjoy.


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