Sleeping Dogs DLC- Year of the Snake Review


The newest DLC for Sleeping Dogs is out already.  As a fan of the game, I was looking forward to the newest story DLC.  We all know the previous weapon DLC was a disappointment, so I was hoping this will be good.  I was wrong.

Year of the Snake takes place after the events of the main game.  Wei Shen has pissed off many bosses in the Hong Kong underworld, so as a punishment, he is lowered to a meter maid.  Suddenly, a terrorist group starts bombing Hong Kong all over the place, and Wei Shen is the only one who can save the day.  The plot of the game is typical.  A crises only a troubled cop can resolve.  It’s just another formula for another everyday cop story.  I don’t feel connect to the story, and I don’t care why Wei Shen is doing what he’s doing.  At least back in the main game, our main character has a reason to do his missions.

The gameplay is repetitive.  While they introduced new uniforms and new weapons, it still gets old quickly.  Tear gas is kind of cool.  You shoot the tear gas cans around with a grenade launcher.  While it doesn’t explode like a grenade, the tear gas is an efficient way to knock enemies out.  I like to go around and shoots the tear gas cans at enemies just to see them flying.

The control is kind of glitchy too.  There are many moments in the game when it asks me to put the suspects in the back of the truck by pressing B.  I try it multiple times, and nothing happens.  Also, there’re times when the game is not clear at what your mission is.  I have to stumble around couple of times before I figure it out.  It’s really frustrating

I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid or what, but the graphic for the game is actually not good at all.  Maybe it’s because it’s just a DLC, and Square Enix cheaps out on the graphic.

I tried to finish the game at least three times now.  The first time I was kind of busy, so I guess that’s not fair.  But the second and third time when you turn on the game and you turn off after a couple try, it just mean that it isn’t a good game.



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