The Walking Dead: “Prey” Review


For those of you who have been reading my reviews, you know my dislike of Andrea.  You would be surprise to hear that for the first time ever, I’m actually rooting for Andrea.  

This episode is once again an Andrea centric, but aren’t like “I Ain’t a Judas”, this episode is actually good.

Andrea finally has enough of The Governor’s bullshit and she decides to flee to the Prison and warns her friends about the danger that’s about to come.  The whole episode is like the movie Enough with Andrea as the abused girlfriend running away from her abusive boyfriend.  I was terrified for her for times as The Governor is approaching.  And funny enough, I’m not scared for her at all when walkers approaching.  And that’s why this is a terrific show.  For a show about zombie apocalypse, it’s not zombies that’s the biggest problem, but the people in it.

There was a moment where Andrea is grabbed from behind by a walker, but I don’t blame her for it.  Those walkers come out of no where like someone is spawning them in ZombiU.  I also like how she utilizes the walker for her benefit to stop The Governor.  Too bad the whole thing didn’t work out though.

That final moment when Andrea spots the prison was great.  I’m pretty sure all of us feel the relief she’s feeling at the moment.  This is probably the first time anyone is happy to see a prison.  Anyway, the moment is cut short when The Governor comes out of no where and grabs her.  It’s a sad, and chilling moment and we all hope Rick sees Andrea.

Rick, still thinks he’s seeing Lori’s ghost, didn’t think too much of it.  It really is a horrified situation.  God knows what The Governor has done to Andrea already when we see her chained-up in the torture room.

We also get to know Tyreese and his group better in this episode.  We learn that while Tyreese was with Allen and his family, the whole time Allen is secretly holding a grudge towards Tyreese, because Donna had a thing for Tyreese.  While Tyreese is genuinely a good guy, he still has a dark side when comes to situations.  I can’t wait to see when Tyreese learns just how bad Woodburry is and decides to help the psychotic cowboy who once almost shot him.

My favorite moment has to be when Andrea opens a door full of walkers, and uses them to fight off The Governor.

I hope nothing really bad happens to Andrea.  Only two episodes left for the season.



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