Play Arts Kai Arkham City Robin Unboxing Review


It was my birthday over the weekend, and my girlfriend bought me this sexy little piece.  Let’s review it.Square Enix has been making the Batman: Arkham City lines of Play Arts Kai figures for a while now.  If I have the funds, I would buy and review them all.  I always have a great experience with Play Art Kai figures, and I am really looking forward to this one.  Thank you Ana.



The parts that come with the figure are simple.  Two spare hands and a bo-staff.

This is also where I had an accident.  I’m so used to toys with those little wire thingy tying them up, I didn’t expect this figure to have none.  All the contents you see above just fall out the plastic and scatter all over the place.  I even lost one of those hands temporally.  But thank god nothing really bad happens.

WP_000634 (1)





Once again, the figure lives up to Play Arts Kai’s standard with great coloring details and articulation points.

I really like the clicks on the figure’s joints.  It assures me that I’m bending my figure the right way.



The spare hands are really important.  Robin cannot hold his bo-staff without them.  Once again, I really like the figure.  Not only it captures the likely of Robin, it also allows you to pose the figure in almost anyway you want.


This is also a very interesting Robin that kind of combines different elements of different Robins into one.  He is Tim Drake, and he has Tim Drake’s weapon.  But he has the hood like Damian and his general realistic facial features is from Tim Burton’s Batman franchise- which is Dick Grayson.

I really like the figure, but the lack of extra gadgets is going to prevent i from getting a perfect score.



My Play Arts Kai collection is increasing.


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