Tuesday Rants- Too Many Video Games To Play!


It’s another Tuesday, and it’s another week of video game releases.  This is also the most deadly month for me since I started this blog, because there’re total of 6 video games I really want this month!

At March 5th, there were Tomb RaiderSims 3: University Life, and SimCity.

Today there is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Tomorrow One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is coming out and next week BioShock Infinite is coming out as well.

As a video game blogger, I’m trying my best to review all the newest video games.  But as you can tell, I only reviewed Tomb Raider so far.  And SimCity?  Well, that’s not really my fault, is it?  How am I supposed to give out a review of something that’s not even working?

I’m about to play Monster Hunter in a few minutes.  But with school, work, and writings, it will be really hard for me to play and blog.

But heck, I love a challenge.  It only means that I will become a better writer coming out of it.

Keep checking my blog for for the reviews of video games mentioned above.  See you guys tomorrow.


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