Comics Reviews 3-20-2013

Sorry for the absent yesterday guys.  It has been a hectic week, and it’s difficult for me to update regularly.  But now I’m back, and I have this week’s comic reviews ready.

This week I will review comics from DC, Marvel and One Piece.  First, Cover of the week:


A perfect cover that shows Nightwing’s pain for Damian’s death.  Not to mention this issue is one of the few that actually deal with Damian’s death, instead of just misleading.  Onward with the reviews:


Justice League issue 18.  From the looks of it, you would think that this issue is about Cyborg.  It would make sense too, especially after what he has done in the recent events.  But no, this issue is about Justice League finally opening up ranks for other heroes.

While this issue might not be the most exciting one, it does show different superheroes trying out to be the newest members of Justice League.  Not to mention the re-introduction of Element Woman.  I always like this character back in Flashpoint.  She’s just so bizarre and air-headed.

We are also introduced to a new Atom- Rhonda Pienda.  While it’s cool to have a female Atom, I do wonder what it means to Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi being the Atom in the New 52.  But it doesn’t matter now.  Welcome to the team, Rhonda Pienda.

So other than Atom and Element Woman, the last new recruit is Firestorm.  This is no surprise to me at all, as The Fury Firestorm: The Nuclear Man just recently got cancelled.  I always like team stories, as it always has potential for great story and team drama.  And for collectors out there like me, it means to collect all those action figures.

The back-up is good as always.  My only problem is not enough story, and I hope it will become its own monthly issues, or has Shazam joining the Justice League already.



One Piece chapter 702: Corrida Colosseum.  After being sick last week, it’s good to see that Eiichiro Oda Sensei is back to normal.

However, there’s not a lot happened in this issue.  The concept of “fairies” is mentioned again in this chapter, and whatever it is, it stole Zoro’s Shusui.  Once again, the group is divided into smaller groups with Zoro, Sanji and Kin’emon going after the stolen katana.  Luffy and Franky are following their original plan to find out where the Smile Factory is.

The biggest revelation this week is the Corrida Colosseum.  A fighting event hosted by Doflamingo and the winner of the fight will get Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit.  While I still don’t believe Luffy will give-up his alliance with Law for the fruit, it does seem like he is affected by it.

We still don’t know who the blind swordsman is.  But with more hints from this chapter, I’m still pretty sure that this man is Fujitora.



The Superior Spider-Man issue 6.  With the recent events, it’s obvious that the writer wants to show us that Doc Ock is starting to lose control over Spider-Man.  First he killed Massacre, now he brutally beat-up his enemies over the internet.  And it doesn’t take long for The Avengers to notice how different Spider-Man has been acting recently, and they’re about to do something about it.

Anna Maria has become a very likable character already.  She’s smart and helpful to Doc Ock/Peter Parker, and it’s obvious she has a crush on him.  I just hope that nothing bad happens to her, but knowing where the story is going, I think it’s hard to have a future between these two.

Can’t wait to see what The Avengers are going to do with The Superior Spider-Man next month.



After thoughts: We also have the first issue of Constantine this week.  While the story is not bad, I don’t think I will put it in my pull-list, because it’s not my kind of story.  This week’s Action Comics is also the final issue for Grant Morrison’s run.  The story is good, but at the end it’s still confusing.  Now his entire run comes to a conclusion, I guess it’s perfect time for me to go back and read it from the beginning.


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