Thursday Rants- One Piece: The Toy People in Dressrosa


Yeah, there’s a new chapter of One Piece this week!  However, there isn’t a lot to talk about in this chapter, so I decided to rant about the toy people in Dressrosa.

Those of you who’ve been reading One Piece know that Luffy and his gang just arrived a new island called Dressrosa.  The port town- Acacia not only has great food and beautiful woman, it also has toy people!  That’s right, living toys who live side-by-side with humans.

The origin of these toy people is unknown.  The idea might be bizarre, but Eiichiro Oda always gives us a logical explanation.

I have to make myself clear though, I don’t think these toy people are a race or creature.  From what we understand between humans and Fishmen, there’s always a problem of racism in the world of One Piece.  Seeing how humans and toy people coexist so peacefully, it doesn’t make sense anymore what happens between humans and Fishmen.  That’s why I don’t think the toy people are actual living beings, but moving objects.

If these toy people are not living beings, then what are they?  In the world of One Piece, the most logical answer is they’re products of Devil Fruit powers.  There are two possibilities:

1). Humans that are turned into toys by Devil Fruit powers.

2). Toys that are given life by Devil Fruit powers.

These two possibilities also explained why they can coexist with humans peacefully.  If they were humans, they just have a change of appearance that’s all.  If they were toys, well, what’s there to be afraid of toys?  In fact, they might even be some sort of childhood dreams come true for some people.  When we were kids, we usually have a wish that our toys will come to life.  Maybe this is what’s happening here.

It’s still unknown what kind or whose power it is, but it probably has something to do with the “fairies” legend in town.

Only time can tell.


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