The Walking Dead: “This Sorrowful Life” Review


Well, that was heart broken.  Before I go any further with this week’s review, I need point out that the show needs to stop having the trends of killing off characters that just had tremendous character moments.  First T-Dog, then Axel and now… yeah…

Merle comes a long way since the first season.  Heck, he comes a long way since his first appearance this season.  His problem has always been that he doesn’t know where to put himself.  When he is with the original group, he puts himself as the the outcast.  When he’s with The Governor, he’s a killer.  Now he comes a full circle and comes back to Rick’s group, he still doesn’t know what he’s doing.  All he knows is that he wants to do good to his brother.

It’s interesting that Merle points out Rick doesn’t have the balls to give-up Michonne.  I like that Rick backs down from giving up Michonne, because it means that he’s not The Governor.  Rick is a good leader, and a good person.  Merle, on the other hand, is troubled.  He wants to do whatever he can to keep his brother safe, and that mean sacrifice someone to bring the possible peace.  He is troubled, but not necessary evil.  The change of heart he has on the way to deliver Michonne is great.  It shows that he’s a good person in the core, and he might just finally find a place in Rick’s group.

The part where the car alarm attracts a group of walkers is the fun moment of the week.  Michonne proves herself to be handy without her katana as she jumps on a walker’s skull, and cuts off another’s head with the wire she’s tied to.  How funny would it be if Michonne ends up killing all the walkers without Merle ever noticing things went wrong.

Merle’s last stand with is epic.  From attracting walkers to the rendezvou point to sniping The Governor’s men, Merle has done more damage than anyone else to The Governor’s men in the recent events.  The struggle between The Governor and Merle is nerve wrenching.  While it’s obvious what Merle’s fate is going to be, there’s still a small hope inside me that Merle might just make it.  But no, The Governor bites off two of Merle’s fingers and shoots him.

The moment where Daryl finds his brothers as a walker makes me wanna cry.  He can’t help it, but breaks down into tears and keeps on pushing his brother away.  The worst part is that he knows better than leaving his walker brother around, and he has to finish him off himself.  I really almost cried during this scene, no joke.

While Merle’s story is the main issue this episode, there are other important plot-lines as well.  Rick’s vision of Lori actually comes in handy this episode, as it’s the reason Rick comes to senses about giving-up Michonne to The Governor.  Also, the speech he gave to the other prison survivors is the opposite of “We ARE the walking dead” one he gave in the comic series.  It’s interesting to see how polar opposite the TV series and comic series can be.

The marriage between Glenn and Maggie is cool, and romantic in the zombie Apocalypse world kind of way- he cuts off a walker’s fingers to get the wedding ring!  But I can’t help it but see doom with these two.  I hope things go well for them next week, otherwise it will be too sad.

I’m also glad that they didn’t have a wedding ceremony like they did in the comic.  It would be really inappropriate in the midst of a war.

Also, Ben really is the most useless character in the entire series already, and there’s a baby for crying out loud!  He shows up, doesn’t say a word but “leave my father alone”, walks around with a face that’s about to cry, and gets in the way of Merle’s kill shot.  Damn boy, I’m glad you’re dead.

Anyway, next week is the final episode of the season.  It doesn’t seem like the whole Rick VS. The Governor thing is coming to an end this season though.  Anyway, can’t wait for next week and hope that none of the fan favorite characters have to bite it.



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