Comics Reviews 3-27-2013

Sorry guys, I just got my copy of Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition yesterday, and I’m really into it right now.  Juggling with both works and BioShock, I forgot to read the comics this week, and I wasn’t prepare for it.  However, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to do a comic review this week.  I’m just going to do a short one.

Anyway, here’s the cover of the week:


It’s funny to see the six of them got stranded on a broken little raft.  I wonder what’s going on here?  Anyway, if Franky, Sanji and Robin don’t come to rescue them soon, things will be bad for our heroes.  There are 3 people here who couldn’t swim at all.

photo (4)

Batman Incorporated issue 9.  The first issue after Damian’s death and it’s a strong one.  Batman doesn’t know how to deal with the pain, and he is blaming Alfred for it.

We see the direct aftermath of Damian’s death, and Batman’s fight with the clone.  The fight is a messy one, and the Batman Family has to flee the scene.  The result of the fight is Gotham police banning Batman’s activities in Gotham, and Wayne Corp. forbidden to provide gadgets to Batman as well.

The story is coming to conclusion now, and we’r closer to seeing what the first issue is about when Commissioner Gordon arrests Bruce Wayne.  Hope Morrison gives a great ending like he did with Action Comics.

It’s good to see Squire is doing better with Knight’s death.  Only if Batman can walk out of the death of a family like Squire does.  It take time, Batman, but just remember you don’t have a lot of it.



One Piece chapter 703.  It turns out that Luffy wants the Devil Fruit after all.  I guess it makes sense, and I just don’t think he will abandon everything just to get the fruit.

We are introduced to two new characters this chapter- Violet and Thunderous Wrath Soldier.  The Solider is an interesting character as it only has one leg, and it seems to base on The Steadfast Tin Solider.  A story about a one-leg tin solider who falls in love with a ballerina figurine.  Funny enough, we’re also introduced to a dance this chapter- Violet.  A very sexy Latina dancer who asks Sanji to help her.  I don’t know about you guys, I’m into Latina chicks.  Heck, my girlfriend is a sexy Latina herself.  I’m glad to see Once Piece has a Latina character.  And while I don’t want to be like those stupid fan boys out there, I hope this girl can join our crew.  We can always use a dancer in the group.

It’s funny to see the whole Dragon Ball Budokai thingy going on in One Piece.  We all know that Oda is a big Dragon Ball fan, and it’s only a matter of time before he pays more tributes in his series.  Besides, it’s funny to see Luffy’s alias is “Lucy.”



Anyway, that;s all I got this week.  It’s been a crazy week, and things will be better next week I promise.


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