Thursday Rants- One Piece: The Truth Behind Devil Fruits

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Another chapter of One Piece, and it turns out that Luffy really wants the Flame-Flame Fruit.  We also got a verbal explanation of what exactly happens to a Devil Fruit user after he died- even though any hardcore One Piece fan should know already.

Anyway,  I want to talk about Devil Fruits today.  Let’s do this:

Devil Fruits, the mythical fruits that gives users special abilities depending on what kind of fruit was eaten.  Luffy’s Gum-Gum Fruit makes him a rubber man, Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit gives him the ability of fire…etc.  The fruits give users such wonderful abilities, but it comes with a weakness- water.  It prevents users from moving in water freely, and if ones attempt to swim, they will sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Recently in the story we are introduced to the idea of Artificial Devil Fruits.  Man-made Devil Fruits that gives users similar abilities as real Devil Fruits.  So far, only Zoan Devil Fruits are made synthetically.

Okay, so here is a wild idea- In reality, all Devil Fruits are synthetic.

Remember the missing 100 years that involved a certain Kingdom?  Maybe the Kingdom was perished because they perfected the Devil Fruit technology.  Something the current story timeline can’t even done yet.  Anyway, the Kingdom perfected the technology and brings envies of other kingdoms.  Thus they were perished, and The World Government is created because of it.  By the way, the royal members of the Kingdom are the “D” people.  So Luffy, Blackbeard, Ace… etc. are all descendants of such Kingdom.  But that’s topic for another post.

Anyway, there’re not a lot of evidences to support all Devil Fruits are man-made, but here’s something: The users’ weakness against water.  I think what happened is that once Devil Fruit is eaten, it turns users into part machine.  Machines that allowed users to use special abilities.  That’s why Devil Fruit users cannot function normally in water, because machines can’t function properly in water.

Another evidence is Vegapunk’s involvement with Devil Fruits studies.  We all know that Vegapunk is the genius behind letting inanimate objects to eat Devil Fruits, and his currently the inventor behind Artificial Devil Fruits as well.  Most importantly, his designs on cyborg animals.

If what I said was true that Devil Fruits turns human into part machine, it makes sense why a genius on designing cyborg animals will be making Artificial Devil Fruits.  Maybe Vegapunk already found out the origins behind Devil Fruits and he is trying to perfect it.  The technology is right up his alley, and it also makes sense how inanimate objects can “eat” Devil Fruits.  Because it’s not technically eating, it’s just breaking a Devil Fruit apart and modified an object with it.

Anyway, that’s all the time I have for this post.  Let’s start a discussion in comments below, okay?


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  1. A great theory. However, there are a couple of things that don’t add up that you may wish to take into account when collating the final hypothesis. Firstly, I wanted to mention the “D”. While it’d be a neat set up for the bearers of the D to be the descendants of the Void Century, they’ve already implied certain things in the manga and anime that refute this. They talk about the “Will of D”. Individuals who bear the Will of D are tremendous global players whether they know it or not. Also, when a person with the “D” in his name dies, the D is inherited by another person. They just start using it in their name without knowing why. Secondly, Franky. Franky is a cyborg and, as such, is a machine in the same way that Devil Fruit Users would be in your argument. He doesn’t sink, though. Hope that helps!


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