Friday Rants- One Piece: My Ideal 9th Person


It’s been a long time since Brook joined Straw Hat Pirates, and I think it’s about time that we have some new blood joining the crew.

Before you guys go berserk on saying things such as “It’s 10th person” or what not, I know what I’m doing here.  It’s the 10th member in the entire crew, but it’s Luffy’s 9th crew member.  For example, if you check chapter 94 where Nami Joins the crew officially, the title is called “The Second Person” because she’s Luffy’s second crew member after Zoro.  And chapter 439 where Usopp rejoins and Franky joins for the first time is called “The Third and the Seventh.”  Also, the one where Brook joins in chapter 489 is called “The eighth.”  So yeah, the next crew member will be the 9th.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about who I want to join next, and a brief reason for it.  It will be pretty much my wishlist.


Jinbe: And of course my choice is Jinbe.  I have like him since he shows how loyal he is during the Paramount War.  You can imagine how excited and disappointed I was when Luffy asked him to join just to have him turning down the offer.  I don’t understand what Oda is doing here, because usually when an individual declines the offer, he usually has Luffy keeps on pushing it until the person agrees.  Anyways, Jinebe states that he will be more than happy to join the group once he cuts his ties with Big Mom Pirates.  Hoping that day will come soon.

Possible Position: Helmsman.  Jinbe was seen steering before, other than that no specific reason.

Dream: By joining The Straw Hat Pirates, it can symbolize friendship between human race and Fishmen.


ViVi: I know she’s already an honorary member of the Straw Hats, but I want to be part of the crew for real.  I don’t know how Oda is ever going to have this organically, but it would be great to see her make an appearance in the near future.

Possible Position: Princess?  I don’t know…

Dream: Her dream was the greater good of Alabasta Kingdom.  She doesn’t need to join the crew for this, so maybe that’s way we haven’t seen her joining the crew yet.


Mr. 2 Bon Kurei (Bentham): I really like this character!  A true, and loyal friend who’s willing to sacrifice himself.  I really thought he’s going to join after what happened in Impel Down, but he ends up sacrificing himself for the greater good.  It’s good to see that he survived the fight with Magellan though.

Possible Position: Scapegoat?  Since he’s so good at creating distraction, maybe that can be his permanent job.

Dream: It was once finding the Okama Queen Ivankov.  But he already found the queen, so I don’t really have an idea anymore.


Paulie: I remember there was a time when I really wanted Paulie to join the crew.  Especially after Luffy and him share a moment.  I though he would join as shipwright, and Franky will join as musician, due to him always break out in songs.  He also shows unique fighting styles too, which is a plus for being a Straw Hat member.  Also, his outrage at women wearing skimpy clothes will bring fun interactions with crew members such as Nami, Robin and Sanji.

Possible Position: Well, shipwright.  But we already have Franky for that so maybe he can specialize in rigging, knots and masts.

Dream: Not too sure.  Something about wanna be by Iceberg’s side, because he feels gratitude for him.  So I don’t think he really needs to be on an adventure for that.


Perona: To be honest, I only want her to join because the bandwagon that everyone wants her to join.  I don’t really think she will be a good match for the crew, but I do appreciate her unique abilities and the fact that she’s a girl.  The girls are really outnumbered in the crew now, so it would be pretty nice to have some girls join them.  I was hoping that when the Straw Hats are heading to the Fishmen Island, she will reveal to be hiding in the cabins the whole time.  Nope, that didn’t happen.

Possible Position:  Scout.  With her powers, she can send her ghosts to check out what dangers are ahead.

Dream: She wants all the cute things in the world, right?  So maybe she can set out sail with Straw Hats to find all the cute things.


Keimi: She’s actually perfect for the group, despite the fact that she lacks in combat skills.  She fits Straw Hats’ quota of “one of the kind,” and she’s definitely a funny, interesting character.  She gets along with the crew really well, too.

Possible Position: Life Guard.  Mermaids are said to be the fastest swimmer in the entire ocean.  She would be perfect for that position when crew members go overboard.  Not to mention that we got four people in the crew who can’t swim at all.  Keimi would be perfect for this.

Dream: She wants to be a designer.  While it might be strong enough a reason to travel around the world, but it never hurt to see the world a little more, right?


Marguerite: No real reason.  Just because she has a face that seems like a main character.  Yeah, stupid reason I know.  Besides, she seems to really get along with Luffy and she’s great in combat.  She would be a great addition to the crew.  Plus, like I said before, we could really use more female characters.

Possible Position: Warrior.  While it might seem a little to genetic, I can’t see her fitting in any other position but warrior.  I know Zoro’s title is already swordsman/warrior, but maybe with her joining the crew, Zoro’s title can officially be First mate.

Dream: If I remember correctly, she always want to be a pirate right?  I know she meant Kuja Pirates, but maybe she wouldn’t mind being a Straw Hat as well.


Kin’emon: It’s hard to see this happening due to the fact that he has a son, but I really like this character.  With him joining Straw Hat, there will be one of each type of sword users- a swordsman, a fencer, and a samurai.  Not to mention his swordsmanship style Kitsunebi-ryu that allows him to generate, attack and cut with fire.  He looks especially awesome next to Brook who recently shows ability to generate cold with his Devil Fruit power.  One fire, one ice.  How “cool” is that?

Possible Position: Samurai.  I think samurai can be a position, right?

Dream: It’s not known yet.  However, we still have a long way to go with this character, and the island after Dressrosa is most likely going to be the country of Wano.  Hopefully we will learn if Kin’emon has any specific dream/goal or not.


Rebecca: Yeah, she’s really new at this point, but I can help it but being a dumb fan boy and says I want her to join the crew.  Not only because she’s a sexy female gladiator, but also because I have a feeling that even though Luffy is most likely going to win the tournament, Luffy will give her the Flame-Flame Fruit.  A female gladiator who can also wield flame?  How much more nerd boner can you get?  Anyway, I also have a strong feeling that this girl is actually someone we know previously in disguise, such as Marguerite.

Possible Position: Gladiator.  I think gladiator can be a position, right?

Dream: She’s interesting in the folklore of Kyros.  Maybe something to do with that story?


Other than Jinbe, I think Kin’emon has the biggest possibility to join next.  Maybe when the story finally moves on to Wano Country, he will leave his kid behind and join the Star Hats for real.  It’s going to take a long time before the story reach that point.  Meanwhile, let’s just enjoy the temporally alliance and have fun with it.


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  1. Wohh! Jinbe FTW! I like this one! ^^

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