Jurassic Park 3D Review


You know what a great movie is?  A movie that was released 20 years ago can be enjoyed by the generation 20 years later.  That’s what a great movie is.

I’ve always love Jurassic Park.  An island theme park where real live dinosaurs stand in front of you?  This is just too awesome not to like.  However, I was having doubt about the movie re-releasing as 3D on the big screen.  The movie has to be out-dated compare to the special effects we have been seeing these days, right?  No.  Surprisingly, the movie holds on to its own ground.

That’s not to say that the movie doesn’t have some flaws.  There are some scenes that just seem fake under the big 3D screen.  It is something that’s unavoidable in a movie that’s two decades old.  But still, these small problems do no affect the overall movie at all.  The classic scene where the T-Rex chases the jeep is still outstanding.  The Rex still looks realistic enough and hasn’t age at all.  The theater I went to has a lot of family with kids and let me tell you, this is probably the first time ever I’m glad there’re kids around in a theater.  It’s good to see that kids these days enjoying the same movie we enjoyed as a kid.  This only means that it is a good movie, and good movies always age well.

When I was watching this movie as a kid, my favorite part was when the two kids are tricking the Velociraptors in the kitchen.  However, now my favorite part of the movie is when the adults are having the lunch conversations about how the park is not good for general public.  This is also another example why this is a good movie- people of different ages appreciate different parts of the movie.  One thing for sure, I’m going to be coming back to this movie ever once a while to see if my favorite part changes or not.

One biggest problem I have with this movie is that 3D is not necessary at all.  While I understand 3D would be a great market choice rather than a HD remaster, it’s hard to appreciate a movie in 3D when it’s not originally filmed to be one.  It’s kind of a distraction, and it kills the enjoyment a little bit.

Anyway, Jurassic Park 3D is a great opportunity to re-enjoy a classic movie.  I strongly suggest everyone to go check it out before the movie goes away.  Again.

8.8/10 for the unnecessary 3D.


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