Evil Dead Review


Evil Dead, for those who have no idea the history behind it, is the remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 move The Evil Dead.  The 80s movie was a cult classic, and favorite for its quirky, and campiness.

When hearing about a remake, it’s usually safe to assume it is going to be bad compare to the original movie.  However, it is not the case for Evil Dead.  The movie seperate itself from the quirkiness of the original film, and sets a tone for its very own horror genre.

The movie is very different from the original movie.  It has a more refined plot, and it explains better what the book of dead is about, and why the victims are doing in the cabin.  In the remake, the characters are in the cabin to help this girl, Mia (Jane Levy) goes through detox.  Apparently, the group tried to help Mia with detox before, but it didn’t go well, so they’re not going let it happens again.  Not only this is a great reason for the characters to stay at the cabin, it also explains why they are not going to leave at the first sign of trouble- they don’t want Mia to give up on detoxing again.  Also, by having Mia being a drug addict, they’re not going to believe her when she sees demon because she might just be hallucinating.  The setting is perfect.

a fun part for me when watching this movie is to guess which character is the famous Ash from the original franchise.  Ash, again if you don’t know who, is a classic horror movie icon famous for his chainsaw hand and boomstick.


Anyway, I’ve been looking for Ash since the beginning of the movie, and I thought he was going to be Mia’s brother, David (Shiloh Fernandez).  However, he is the most annoying character in the entire movie.  Always sits around like a lazy ass, and never bother to help out his friends until it’s too late.  Specific the scene where his friend Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) is beaten to death by a wrench, and all he does is sit there and shoot the demon when there’s only a inch of life left in Eric.

I was feeling disappoint at this Ash when it turns out, he wasn’t Ash at all!  Towards the end, it turns out that Mia is the Ash of this movie.  It is such a crazy twist that I didn’t expect at all.  Mia was the first person to be processed by the evil spirit, but she’s also the only one saved from it.  The climax of the movie is when Mia’s hand got stuck by a fallen car, and she has to rip her hand apart and uses the nearby chainsaw to tear the evil being in half.  I’m glad she doesn’t wear the chainsaw like Ash does, because it doesn’t fit the tone of the remake anyway.

The movie totally abandons the campiness of the original franchise, and goes straight for horror.  However, the horror is the uncomfortable kind where they show the audiences things that make us cringe.  The part where I can’t stand is a processed Mia cuts her own tongue in half by licking a blade.  It makes me want to gag.  In my own opinion, using gore as a horror approach is kind of cheap, so that’s kind of a disappointment for me.

Anyway, the movie is fun to watch, and it definitely re-defines Evil Dead for a new generation.  And if you’re a fan of the originally franchise, you will enjoy this movie too as there are many easter eggs only an old fan would known



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