Comics Reviews 4-10-2013

Another week of comic reviews!  I’ve been reviewing comics for about 4 months now, and this is the first time I have the opportunity to review both One Piece and The Walking Dead in the same post.  No joke, every time when there’s The Walking Dead, One Piece would happen to be on hiatus.  It’s almost like Eiichiro Oda Sensei is a Walking Dead fan himself, and he’s too busy reading it or something.

Three months in a row is a little too much for a coincident though, don’t you think?

Anyway. cover of the week:

photo 5

This is a very interesting cover.  I can never imagine Bruce Wayne shooting Gordon.  Unless, of course, either he’s not really Bruce, or Gordon is not really himself.

Onward with the reviews!

photo 1

Avengers Arena issue 7.  This issue takes us away from the typical teen killing actions in Murder World, to how Arcade gets to be the way he is.  While I really wants to know if Kid Briton is dead or not (although the character shows him crossed-out), the issue is surprisingly a good one.  It’s always good to sympathized a character.  Especially a villain.

The story begins with a birthday party Arcade just had.  Apparently, Arcade is a character with very low self esteem.  He’s so insecure, in fact, he even bugs the entire party so he can know what everyone is talking about.  The bugging turns out to be a bad idea when he begins to hear how everyone really thinks about him.  He is a low-level villain that no body cares about.

Ms. Coriander is an interesting character.  While she is Arcade’s assistant, she portrays more than a simple help.  She is very resourceful, and not to mention beautiful.  While it’s never explains how Arcade comes across this helpful assistant, it’s obvious she meant a lot to Arcade as he tells her his darkest secrets.

While Arcade gives up on being a villain, it takes another villain named Constrictor to bring him back to his evil ways.  One day when Arcade is drinking alone in the bar, Constrictor breaks in to beat him up.  While it’s not clear what snaps in Arcade’s head, he ends up killing Constrictor and goes back being a villain.  Ms. Coriander and him work together to come up with Murder World and the story continues from here.

My favorite part is at the end where Arcade tries to kill Ms. Coriander just to reveal that she wasn’t with him, and she was just a hologram.  This girl IS way out of his league.  Totally hot!


photo 2

Batman And Robin… I mean, Batman and Red Robin issue 19.  This series is getting better and better these days, and this is once again a powerful issue.  Still haunted by Damian’s death, Batman will do anything to bring his son back.  And I mean anything.

Batman hunts down Frankenstein in this issue.  The reason is because he wants to use the same technology as Frankenstein to bring back his dead son.  This is probably one of the darkest thing I ever heard Batman wants to do, and he’s pretty much a pretty dark guy already.

Of course, Frankenstein doesn’t think it is a good idea, because Damian won’t return to the world normally, but as a monster as unnatural as Frankenstein.  The two got into a fight that results in Batman cutting Frankenstein into pieces,so he can understand Frankenstein better.  This is really one of the worst thing I’ve ever seen Batman done.  If it wasn’t for the interruption of Red Robin, I have no idea what’s going to happen to Frankenstein.

I think the biggest shock from this issue is the introduction of Carrie Kelly into the main stream universe.  For those of you that don’t know who Carrie is, she’s a character introduced in Frank Miller’s 1986 The Dark Knight Returns.  So it’s kind of a big deal that she makes an appearance in the New 52.  However, I don’t see the point of her making an appearance in this issue.  It turns out that when Damian was alive, he used to get lessons from Carrie.  While it’s not clear what kind of lesson it was, it seems like it was acting.  I have no idea why Damian would take acting lessons though.  Most importantly, I feel that Carrie’s appearance is only to confuse the readers who is really going to be the next Robin.  I have to admit though, while I’ve been a big fan of Harper Row to be the next Robin, I wouldn’t mind seeing Carrie being the new Robin.  Especially since she’s been doing a great job in The Dark Knight Returns.


photo 3

One Piece chapter 705: Maynard the Pursuer.  The biggest revelation of this chapter is that Admiral Fujitora is indeed the blind man.  Which I already guessed correctly about a month ago!  Anyway, it is still a great chapter regardless.

Finally we get to see what other people are doing while Luffy is participating in the Colosseum.  Franky is talking to the one-legged solider about the factory.  Which the toy solider tells him not to talk about it around the audiences of the Colosseum.  Most likely is because they’re all fans of Doflamingo’s.  I wonder who the one-legged solider really is, as I’m more and more interested in him by chapters.

Meanwhile, we get to see what Law’s group is up to for the first time.  They’re planning crossing an iron bridge to Green Bit, and they just learned that there’re a lot of vicious Fighting Fishes living the the water, so it’s dangerous to cross the bridge.  Apparently the last time anyone crosses the bridge and returns was over 200 years ago.  The biggest news from this group is the existence of Cipher Pol: CP-AIGIS0, or CP 0.  They’re said to be the strongest unit of CP.  I wonder what this group is doing in Dressrosa.  Maybe it has something to do with Doflamingo or the Colosseum?

Also, for the first time ever, we get to see what the members guarding Thousand Sunny are doing.  It turns out someone is hiding in the the boy’s room and keeps on repeating “dislike” or something along the translation.  Hopefully we get to learn the identity of this person next chapter, because it’s already driving me crazy to find out.

Another important note is that Zoro caught to the “Fairy” already and he got his katana back.  I wonder what the true identity of “Fairy” is.  Most likely a new breed of race that One Piece haven’t reveal yet.

An interesting part of  this chapter is the under-cover Vice Admiral Maynard in the Colosseum.  While he is shown to be a superior fighter, he’s soon defeated by another unseen character named Bartolomeo.  While we have no idea who this Bartolomeo really is, we’re sure to see the more of him next chapter.


photo 4

The Walking Dead issue 109.  For the past few months, the comic series has been kind of slow compare to the action-packed TV series.  So I’m glad to see that this issue picks up pretty well.

For the first time since Glenn’s death, we finally get to see how Maggie is settling in at the new community.  I actually thought Robert Kirkman is not going to give Maggie anymore important story, and I was wrong.  This issue we have Maggie getting check up for his pregnancy (which I forgot she has already), and getting hit on by the creepy Gregory.  We also sees Jesus in action, as the groups are getting ready to fight Negan.  It’s good to see Maggie becoming tougher and tougher almost like her TV counter part.  My feeling for Maggie’s character is opposite of how I feel about Andrea.  While I really like the TV Maggie, I don’t like the comic book one at all.  Meanwhile, while I really like the comic book Andrea, I don’t like the TV counter part.  Well, at least the comic Maggie has a chance to make her a better character, unlike the TV Andrea.  Rest in peace, girl.

Anyway, the biggest shock of this issue is the revelation of the traitor.  It turns out Kal, the Asian guy Jesus really trusted is the snitch for Negan.  Now that Negan will know what the other communities are planning, I wonder what’s going to happen next.  There can be only one cool Asian guy, and he’s dead already.

Now the TV series is on season break, it’s most likely the comic series will pick up soon.



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