Comics Reviews 4-17-2013

Another week of wonderful comics!  Cover of the week:

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It’s no shock that the person trying to hurt Superman turns out to be Batman.  Everyone guessed that months ago.  I really like this cover because it shows that whole Tower of Babel thing where Batman doesn’t trust anyone in the league.  Anyway, onward with the reviews–

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Funny, the first comic I want to review is also Justice League.  Anyway, issue 19 opens up in a strange place where Rhonda has to fight monsters that seems like from a RPG game.  It turns out it was a RPG game!  I didn’t know Atom has the ability to shrink so small and actually puts herself into part of the virtual reality.  While it kind of makes sense, I still find the science behinds it a stretch.  But hey, I ain’t a physics major so I’m not the one to talk.

The major conflict of this issue is someone breaks into the Batcave to steal a case with Superman’s logo on it.  Apparently just like his character from before new 52, Batman’s been keeping secret weapons to deal with each members of Justice League in case something happens.  And once again, it back-fires and now more troubles are to come.  We all know what’s inside the Superman logo case that’s stolen, and there’s no need for me to bring it up here.  I like how both this issue and the new video game In justice: Gods Among Us have a similar plot where Batman has been keeping secret weapon to deal with Superman in the most unfortunate time.  It almost feel like it’s purposely done to promote the game or something.  I know it’s a common story that has been told over and over again, but it just too much of a coincident to be told at the same week.

The interaction between Firestorm and Atom is an interesting part of the issue.  In fact, I actually care about these two more than other stories that’s been going on this issue.  These two are new to Justice League, and they just can’t wait to prove themselves to the senior members.  If anything, I can’t wait to see them proven themselves either.  Element Woman is no where to be seen in this issue.  Is she the traitor we’ve been talking about?

The back-up is Shazam! story is once again a powerful one.  We learn more about Black Adam’s past, and the final showdown between the two guardians are happening soon.  I can really feel that the story is coming to an end.  While the story is great, I’m glad to see it’s ending.  Because it means that it’s only a matter of time that Shazam is going to interact with the rest of the DC universe.


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Justice League of America’s Vibe issue 3.  It’s only been 3 issues, and this series is already my primary source to discover more secrets of this new DC universe.

This issue has Vibe to face-off Kid Flash.  While it doesn’t sound too promising, we do get to understand and confirm where Kid Flash was from.  We learn that Kid Flash was a criminal from the near future, and he somehow made it to our world.  Also, Kid Flash taps into a different Speed Force than Flash.  Apparently he brings Speed Force from the future, so Vibe can easily affects Kid Flash’s ability to tap into Speed Force with his frequency.  Before the new 52, Kid Flash is said to be Barry Allen’s decedent from the future, it seems like there’s a possibility to make it true in new 52 again.

We also get to see Gypsy again in the issue, and she manages to escape from her prison!  Unlike her counterpart before new 52, it seems like she’s evil in this universe.  I can’t wait to see her in actions, and hopefully she turns out to be good so we get to see her be part of the Justice League.

Other than the revelations, the story wasn’t that good.  And Vibe’s low self-esteem it’s getting kind of annoying.  Have some confidence in yourself, dude.  You’re part of Justice League of America, and that means something.

It seems like Vibe is going to face-off Batman in the next issue.  I wonder how that’s going to turn out


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One Piece chapter 706: I Won’t Laugh at You.  Sadly, I find this chapter kind of weak.  A lot of characters are introduced, and they’re all to generic for me to care about.  The story doesn’t move too much either, and only the fight for section B begins.

The biggest revelation of this issue resolves around Bellamy.  It turns out that Bellamy wins back Doflamingo’s trust by presenting him a a golden pillar.  It gets me worried where he gets the golden pillar from, and I hope he didn’t hurt the Skypieans.  The smirks he gave Luffy doesn’t make me feel any better about it though.

Anyway, it turns out that Bellamy recognizes Luffy.  He states that he doesn’t hold grudge of what Luffy has done to him, and his eyes are now open since he visited the Sky Island.  “I won’t Laugh at You” refers to Bellamy doesn’t find dreams and myth ridiculous anymore.

Anyway, this chapter ends with Bellamy is about to be attacked by others in section B.  I guess we will see what happens to him next week.

Now i think of it, Bellamy didn’t do any harms to the Skypieans.  We saw them already in the cover pages already.  Whew, I can’t believe I was worried about it.



One important out of the comics this week is this:

photo 3 (1)

Power Girl puts on her classic outfit in the newest issue of Supergirl.  It really is not Power Girl without her signature look.  Anyway, now I know how Power Girl gets her old look back, I don’t have to buy the next issue of Worlds’ Finest anymore.  Thank god!


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