Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition Unboxing Review


I got my copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us collector’s edition yesterday.  The thing is, I was going to cancel my pre-order because I was kind of broke this month.  But before I know it, the shipment is out already.  Oh, well.

Anyway, let’s see what inside:


The box is almost as big as the BioShock one I gotten few weeks ago.  It comes with a lot of things other than the statue: the first issue of Injustice comic, DLC for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman’s new 52 outfit, a digital copy of Justice League: Doom and of course, a copy of the game itself.


The game.


The statue.  Can’t wait to see it without plastic.


The comic.  I already read it before.  It’s actually a really good series.


It’s Wonder Woman smashing Batman with Superman’s rockets ship.  Damn, Batman is losing bad.

Here are some close-ups:




Look at the Batarang sticks out of the rocket ship.  I enjoy the detailed.





It’s an awesome, and epic statue.  However, with the contents in this collector’s edition, I don’t think it’s worth $99.99.  I think with the money I spent, I should have have gotten more things than this.  You can get the comic for free now through Comixology anyway, and the movie should be hard copy instead of digital copy.

In conclusion, the statue is great but a little too pricey to spend extra 30 dollars on it.  I suggest just buying the regular version if anything.  The gameplay review will be another post.

7.8/10- for not enough stuff in the collector’s edition and too expensive.


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