Dark Magician 1/7 Scale ArtFX J Statue Review

Look what I got in the mail:


It’s a Dark Magician figure from Kotobukiya!  I always like the figures released by Kotobukiya, and I’ve been collecting their Yu-Gi-Oh figures since  they first released a Dark Magician Girl one.

Dark Magician has always been my favorite monster in the series, and he’s also my favorite card.  Over 10 years ago when I first started playing the card game in Taiwan, a friend of mine gave me my very first rare Yu-Gi-Oh card and it was a Dark Magician.  I still keep the card with me, even though the card is scratched up pretty bad.  It’s a symbol of friendship.

Well, let’s go ahead and see what’s inside the box.


I like how they got Dark Magician’s English name correctly.  In Japanese, Dark Magician’s name is actually “Black Magician,” so I thought that they’re going to make the mistake by calling the wrong name.



The figures is highly sculptured, and great detailed on the character’s likely hood.  The color is also wonderfully done as well.


A close-up of the figure.  You can see it resembles the character’s likeliness from the original series.  A true, high quality figure.


I like the star platform Dark Magician’s standing on.  Dark Magician Girl figure comes with a platform like it, too.



No joke, I really like his staff.  Dark Magic Attack!

Anyway, the figure is colored in blue like his appearance in the card game.  However, there’s a limited edition released after the initial released of this figure, and it’s colored in purple:


This other figure resembles Dark Magician’s appearance in the animation series.  However, it costs way more than the other figure so I decide to get the blue version instead.  Besides, by pre-ordering the blue version, you get this:


A Pot of Greed keychain that’s only available for the first print of the figure.  Just for this, the blue figure worth more than the purple figure already.  But who knows, maybe one day I will get a purple version as well.


Let the millennium battle begins!

The next figure i’m getting for this series is Joey or Jounouichi if you preferred:

Screen Shot 2012-11-25 at 1.14.06 PM

The figure will come with a Scapegoat keychain in its first print.  Can’t wait for this figure to be released later this year.



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4 replies

  1. Nice review! The color on the Dark Magician is amazing. I’m excited to see version 2 in the purple color. Joey looks like he will be pretty cool, too!


  2. Hey ! Can you tell me when did this came out for first time ? and how much you paid for it ? Sorry for my noob-ness, I have just started playing Yu-Gi-Oh!


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