Injustice: Gods Among Us Gameplay Review

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I finished playing the Story Mode of Injustice: Gods Among us already.  While I don’t have time to play the game in different modes, I feel like I can give the game a justifiable review.

I love the game!

What makes a fighting game a good one?  Characters and their move sets.  It’s always important when fighting games released their rosters.  While it’s possible for players to remember ever characters’ fighting moves, it’s more realistic for players to remember move sets of one or two of their favorite characters.  And that’s why the roster is important.  I really think the game comes with a great roster aside from one or two characters.  For example, who the hell is Killer Frost?  Can’t answer that question, right?  Anyway, I know the game wants to give players more female characters to choose from, but Ice is a slightly more famous character to choose aside from Killer Frost.  And if it’s an issue of wanting a villain, Captain Cold is a better ice theme villain.  And to be perfectly honest, the ice theme for the character is not important to the story at all.

Another character I want is having Zatanna to replace Raven.  While I like Raven, I think Zatanna is a better choice than Raven.  And again, replacing the characters would not have affect the story at all.  I think the main reason this game chooses some obscure characters is because the licensing rights are too expensive.

The move sets are great in this game.  Not only the characters come with their unique moves, they also have unique abilities individually.  For example, Green Arrow is the only character that can achieve long distant damages easily with his arrow, and Wonder Woman can switch between her sword and lasso for different fighting styles.  While it doesn’t sound like something extraordinary, it does add an extra layer to make each character different than each others.

Surprisingly, the story of the game is pretty decent.  A problem with fighting games are usually the lack of originality in story.  There’s usually no good reasons, and the characters can only fight to solve their problems.  The game’s story is compelling, and it allows you to care about the fight.  The story goes well with the comic series that’s been publishing for the last few months.  However, the game takes place after the comic series is over, and by playing it, it spoils the comic series for me.  Now I know who’s going to die, and what’s going to happen in the up-coming issues.  But overall, the story is great especially for a fighting game.

My biggest problem with the game is the balance of the characters.  While some characters are clearly stronger than others, there are many characters too weak too hold up their own ends.  I’m looking at you, Joker.  But other than this, there really isn’t a lot of bones for me to pick on.

Maybe I will have more to say after I play different modes of the game.  But as of now, the game is pretty good.



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