Mad Men “To Have And To Hold” Review


This episode is kind of out of focuses at first. However, as the episode progresses, it’s easy to see what this episode is about. It’s about what you have in life, and if you can hold on to it or not- to have and to hold.

The biggest issue this episode faces is Joan’s position in the company. While she’s a partner of the company, there’re many problems with just how much power she really has. She fires the secretary, Scarlet, in the episode just to have the other partners hiring her right back. Not to mention the scene where Harry questions her legitimacy as a partner in front of everyone else, I mean, that’s just uncomfortable. “I’ve actually earned it (the job).” Can things get any worse for Joan?

Marley Shelton guest star in this episode as Joan’s friend Kate. While its fun and all to see Shelton guest star, I can’t help it but feel a little underused of the actress’ talent. Anyway, it’s understandable why Joan is out and hook up with random strangers, it’s still a very icky and sad scene to see.

Another character who has problems holding things he has is Don. While Megan’s career is at its peak, Don begins to show signs of disapproval and anger. Especially when Megan begins to have love scenes as an actress, and Don can’t even seem to support her. He gets furious with Megan, then he goes to his mistress and reenacts what Megan was doing with the other actor. It’s a very creepy and depressing that digs Don into a deeper, and deeper hole.

It turns out, Don can’t hold on to his job either.  Don has Heinz Ketchup by the grip, but he can’t hold on to it and loses it the rival company.  It turns out that this sad and creepy Don is also very desperate as well.  He sinks to all whole new level by eavesdropping outside the room trying to find out what the enemies are pitching.  By the way, fucking Peggy.   Telling private conversations to her boss, what does she expect?  She deserves to be flipped off.

The only person in this episode who seems to be able to hold onto anything is Dawn.  She knows she’s in trouble at work, so she braves up and faces her punishments.  At the end, not only she’s able to keep her job, she also gets new responsibility.  To have and to hold.  By the way, kudos on Dawn for finally have a story line that doesn’t really involve her race.

A theme of the episode is apparently orgy.  Don and Megan have dinner with Megan’s boss  and wife just to have them offer the Drapers to have sex with them.  It gives me the chills when the guy is offering Don a job in the show biz in exchange for sex.  Similar thing happen with Joan and Shelton’s character.  The differences is that Don and Megan end up riding the taxi home themselves, while Joan and her friend end up sharing a taxi with the random hookup.

Also, are being in late 60s really that open with smoking weed?  This show will be great airing on Saturday.  Happy 420.

A great, and solid episode of Mad Men this week.  Project K is awesome, and Harry outburst to everyone in the office is great.  The only let down is the beginning when I don’t know where the episode is going.  But it might just have something to do with the fact that I was watching the episode 3 in the morning.



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