Comics Reviews 4-24-2013

Another week of wonderful comics.  Sorry I have been neglecting the site for a few days,  I have more workload then usual and it’s really taken a lot of my times.

Cover of the week:

photo 5 (1)

Another color spread for One Piece this week.  Look how happy the Straw Hats are!  Too bad the actual chapter wasn’t that good….

Onward with the reviews!

photo 1 (2)

Avengers Arena issue 8.  This series is getting stronger and stronger by issues.  At first, it’s hard to care about the characters because our lack of knowledge of them.  However, As the story progresses and the characters developed, it becomes easier for readers to care and enjoy the story.

This issues we focuses on X-23’s POV.  She is a fighter and she always sees the easiest way to kill others.  A gift and curse that always wants to get rid off, but never can.  It was revealed that Bloodstone is gay for Anachronism, and Apex can turn into a guy?  I don’t really understand what’s going on over there, but it was really bizarre.

Also, Chase is the newest Darkhawk now.  While it’s still unsure what happened to the original Darkhawk, I’m pretty sure he’s dead now.

The biggest fight is Juston has his giant robot attacking every single teenagers at the same time.  It’s seemingly out of control, and X-23 reveals the saddest, and easiest thing to do is to see all the teenagers fight out til the end.

It seems like the end game of the series is approaching already.  While I really like the series, this is not the right kind of series to drags on anyway.


photo 2 (2)

Batman Incorporated issue 10.  Ever since Damian’s death, this series has been a little disappointed.  Things take a strange turn this issue by having Batman injecting himself with the Man-Bat synonym.  Yeah, I don’t know about this.  I understand the idea is that Batman is not acting like himself recently, but having him actually becoming a bat?  That’s just stupid.

Nothing else happened in this issue.  While the outcome of Batman becoming Man-Bat is stupid, I do like the writings on Batman’s emotional side.  Grant Morrison is a great writer with character pieces, but apparently he likes to make stupid decisions.

Don’t know what else to say.  While I still like the series, I’m kind of glad it is ending this July.  Don’t want to see this wonderful series become worse than it has to be.


photo 5 (1)

One Piece chapter 707: B Block.  I’m not a big fan of chapters that dump us a lot of new characters.  Don’t like it back in Impel Down, and I don’t like it now.

The chapter introduces us a lot of contestants, and some really bizarre characters.  Elizabello II, a character with a punch that can knock out a Yonko.  However, he needs a whole our to charge up.  A Fishman named Hack who can use Fishman Karate and is a friend of Jinbe.  Bluegilly, a Longleg and Ricky, a masked swordsman.  Out of all these, Hack is the one I care about the most because of his friendship of Jinbe.  When will Jinbe join the crew?

Anyway, we also get to see the Fighting Fish for the first time.  Turns out they’re bull-looking fishes that’s vicious.  Not much is known about them yet, but it’s good to finally to put a face to a name.

Anyway, the chapter ends with Chinjao knowing we Luffy really is, and he hates Garp for almost killing him once.  This is especially bad because Cavendish just revealed how much he hates Luffy’ generation of pirates.  We shall see what happen next week, and hopefully it’s more eventual than this one.



I guess one more thing I want to talk about this week is this:

photo 4 (2)

So Reverse Flash finally makes an official appearance in the New 52.  He is waaaay different than his appearance from back in the days.  While I’m still not sure if I like the new look or not, I’m also not sure what his motive in this universe is.  Well, if anything, at least he actually looks menacing this time and not a joke.  We will see more of him, I’m sure.


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