Game of Thrones “Kissed by Fire” Review


I finally have a chance to watch Game of Thrones live last night, so I decide to do a review on it.  Last week’s episode was wonderful, and we get to see the dragons in action with the killing of an annoying character.  This week’s episode isn’t as strong as last week’s, but we still get to see some very important plots.

Before we move on with the review, I have to admit one thing: I have a big problem with names in this show.  There will be moments in the review where I refer to a character by their physical appearances or nicknames.

First of, what’s up with the eye-patch that was fighting The Hound?  He was killed and suddenly he just came back to life?  I want to know more about that power the bandit leader has, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to see more of it in action later in the series.

Along with the eye-patch dude, some of the most intense moments in this week’s episode happens at Arya’s side.  Finally, she’s always an interesting character.  She shows how much she hated The Hound for killing the butcher boy back in season one’s episode “Cripple, Bastards and Broken Things.”  The hatred isn’t really a good color on her, but it’s understandable.  I almost cried during the moment she shared with Gendry.  He never has a family before, and Arya states that she will be his family.  “No,” says Gendry, “You will be my lady.”  Did you just purpose to Arya?  You sly dog, Gendry you.

A scene I want to mention in this week’s episode is when Jaime Lannister and Brienne share a bathtub together.  This whole time Brienne portrays herself as this tough, unbreakable character, but the momentary naked moment she has really makes her vulnerable.   However, she soon finds her strength back when she becomes mad at Jaime and stands before him naked.  I really like her character, and I hope she finds the happiness she deserved.  Okay, let’s also talk about Jamie Lannister’s confession- this is the first time the character actually shows any human moment since his debut.  While he’s always a fan favorite, now he actually earns his spot.

Also, we finally get to see Stannis’ neglected wife and deformed daughter.  It’s a creepy scene where the wife keeps all the dead babies in jars, it’s even stranger that while the daughter is deformed, it seems like she has dragon skin on her.  Does this mean anything, or am I just reading too much?

The final moment where papa Lannister declares both Tyrion and Cersei are marrying people that don’t want is both funny and sad.  It’s sad when it’s revealed that Tyrion has to marry Sansa, but it becomes funny when Cersei, who’s smirking by the side, turns out has to marry Loras.  Her smile fades away so quick, it’s like someone just punched her in the stomach or something.  Both Lannisters are useless against their father, and I wonder how things are going to turn out for them.

One biggest problem I have this season is that it’s unfocused.  Where in season one we get to focus on Ned Stark and his journey, the second season focuses on Tyrion Lannister and his role as the Hand of the King.  This season doesn’t have that yet.  I hope the show becomes clear which character we should be focusing on soon, so it will become a show I want to better invest in.  But then it’s already half way through…

ps. how creepy is that ending?  I usually watch this show with the lights off, and I have to turn them back on right away.



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