Mad Men “The Flood” Review


So… that was an interesting episode.  One thing about Mad Men is that you never know what the episode is going to be about.  It turns out this episode is about the death of Martin Luther King Jr.  While the death of Dr. King is a tragic  it does bring out one of the most interesting episode of the season.

MLK’s death happens while the characters are in a reward ceremony.  While it is a tragic, I don’t understand the way the characters are behaving.  They’re acting like either the president is assassinated, or the terrorists are attacking.  Calling family members to make sure they’re okay, or going home to sit by the radio.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the significant of MLK’s death in a time where civil right is a big issue, I just don’t understand why people are over reacting.  Is it White guild?  I know by typing this I might get myself in trouble, but I can’t hep it but see White guild all over the episode.  Seriously though, what are they so afraid of?  Are they afraid that Black people are going to be on a riot since they lost a  leader or something?  No joke, watch the episode, it’s really racist.  But all racism thingy aside, I do appreciate that people are caring about civil rights issue though.

So Michael Ginsberg gets the attention this episode, huh?  I’m not his biggest fan, but he is always an interesting character.  We see daddy Ginsberg arranges a blind date between his son and another girl.  It’s really is an interesting scene watching Ginsberg and his blind date, and I’m actually rooting for him.  Too bad the date cuts short because of MLK’s death.  Maybe we’ll get to see the more of them in the future.

Peggy has an important character development in this episode.  She attempts to move forward in life with her boyfriend by purchasing an apartment, but just when she’s about to get the apartment, someone else bought it and her dream is cut short.  It turns out that Peggy doesn’t have the luxury to move forward in life, and she has to settle for what she has now.

Pete’s story is bizarre this episode.  He has a weird outbreak with Harry about racism, and it was almost a little inappropriate.  I don’t understand why he’s so angry at Harry, but I’m just going to say White guild.  I also think that it’s pathetic the way Pete tries to con his way back home.  I’m supporting Trudy 100%, Pete has no business around home anymore.

Some highlights of the episode come from Don with his son Bobby.  It’s a sweet, and cute moment when Don asks his son what Betty says to him exactly, and Don decides to take Bobby to the movie instead.  I like the moment where Bobby tells the usher where people go to the movies during bad time.  It definitely does something to Don, and it affects him in a way where he’s going to love his kids more now.  I hope this stops him from fucking his friend’s wife.

The strangest thing this episode is Randall, played by William Mapother.  He appears out of now where, pitches a horrible idea to the ad agency and that’s it.  I don’t understand what happens, and I hope this is not all of his purposes in the show.  And again, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we don’t see him again though.



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