Comics Reviews 5-01-2013

It’s a horrible week for me to do reviews since I just started a new internship.  In face, it might be bad for me to keep my site updated.  I will try my best, and I really miss the time I get to do all sorts of writings. The comics this week aren’t that good anyway.  Cover of the week:

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Haha, a fight that’s going on inside Spider-Man’s head.  We will take control of the body at the end?  Let’s find out in the review!

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All-New X-Men issue 11.  This issue reveals who’s joining Cyclops’ side, even though we already who it is through Uncanny X-Men issue 4.  Anyway, this issue is all about Jean Grey.  She knows that she’s going down a dark road, and she regrets what’s she’s been doing.  I like this because issues ago, we all guessed that Jean Grey is the person who’s going to join Cyclops, because she’s turning evil.  Once we find out she’s not joining the dark side, I guess it’s only appropriate that we goes deeper into her mind, and allowing her to see her wrongs.

The fighting between Wolverine’s people and Cyclops’ people is sadly one-sided.  All of Wolverine’s men are defeated easily,  while I don’t understand how their power can be so unbalanced, I do feel a sense of despair during the fight.

At the end of the issue, we see The Uncanny Avengers approaching our heroes.  I wonder what’s going on now, and it’s cool to see Rouge among the Avengers.  I wonder if this is why we never seen her in school, even though she’s listed as a staff member.  We will learn more about it in the next issue for sure.


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So this is it!  No more Peter Parker.  This issue we have another showdown between Doc Ock and Peter Parker.  Doc Ock finds out that Peter’s consciousnesses is still living somewhere within his mind, so he decides to start deleting all of Peter Parker’s memories.  Slowly, Peter Parker begins to forget all the details in his life.  When the memories are deleting too slow, Doc Ock decides to jump into the mind himself and fight Peter Parker.

The whole thing seems like a redundant from ASM issue 700.  However, it is more confirmed that Doc Ock does want to be a superhero, even though he has some questionable methods.  At the end of the “mind fight,” it turns out that Peter Parker is gone once an for all now, and Doc Ock is once again the only consciousness in control of the Spider-Man body.  I though Marvel is going to somehow have Peter Parker gaining his body back with Doc Ock’s intelligent.  Thus, truly becoming The Superior Spider-Man.  I guess it turns out not to be the case.

 I’m still pretty sure Marvel will bring back Peter Parker somehow.  It just something way down the road.  However, I’m curious in what’s the extend of deletion of the memories?  So Doc Ock doesn’t know things that only Peter knows now?  Hopefully we will learn more about it next issue.



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